View Full Version : NEW KAYAK CART FOR RIDE 135

08-04-2013, 01:08 PM
I fish a wilderness systems ride 135 and I love it but its a real PIA getting it to the water. I have a paddle boy cart it hooks on the stern and you hold up the bow and walk with the boat. This is not good as all of the weight is on your arm and I am getting old. I saw a plan for a PVC cart and made it. Initially it worked well it supported the cart amidships and was easy to move unfortunately it fell apart on a rocky trail after a midnight fishing expedition. I was thinking a commercial cart like the crack of dawn cart sold in on the kayak fishing supplies web site might be more practical. I want to stay away from carts that plug in and might damage the scupper holes. Would be interested in any suggestions in general or information about this cart. thank Charlie