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09-19-2013, 10:32 AM
ok, need to clean the cobwebs in here...[cough][cough] bench is dusty too.

so, it's fall. what's new in your rod arsenal for the 'run? you build on a new blank? you try any new guide designs on your builds? tried out any new rod thread since gudebrod is gone? have you dusted off an old rod to cast again or rebuild w/ newer designs? wrapped any fancy butt wraps?

me, well, i pulled down my 1205 spin for the first time is over 3 years. i miss this rod. the thing has the balls to stop any bass and throws my lure needs effortlessly. i'm debating on rebuilding it w/ K's this winter. i contemplated an Avid build this spring-summer, but steered away. had some CTS blanks in mind, but eventually decided on a Lami super surf gen 2, since i wanted a 2-piece rod that did my same needs as my 1-piece rods. unfortunately, that may not get started for another month as Lami is still building them. i'm probably going to build another GSB1321M this winter as after i sold my last one, i missed having that rod. so versatile and you can't beat the price on them.

09-19-2013, 07:16 PM
I've built a Fiberstar Composite 1266 with T-LC 16M collector through a 12m to 10 T-LC transition into T-KT 8 runners. Very light and responsive. Matched to a 1st gen (read low stem) ZB 22. #40 braid casts like a shot, totally silent going through the guides. I did test it against a more standard NGC build using alconite SS K guides but this was lighter and distance similar (albeit at a substantial expense for titanium guides)

I'm liking this blank a lot so far (but have yet to nail anything big on it). It is billed as a 3/4-4oz rating, but feels like a 1-3.5 rod with more guts than most 1-3's. Sweet spot seems around 2.5 oz, but the rod throws 3-3.5 very well.
It is a very comfortable casting rod, as comfortable as a GSB but with more midshaft power. I test cast it against a GSB1201M before building (I had both blanks on hand) and liked it better for a spinner until I got over 3.5 oz. (Obviously it is 6" longer, but outcasts the GSB by quite a bit)

These fiberstar rods have a very nice action. Something in between the stiff J tip action Century's and CTSs, and C curve action of the GSB, Stealth, and VT series rods. They are supposedly patterned on the old AllStar actions, but are lighter rods. It is my first 2 piece surf rod. I don't like how visually thick it makes the mid shaft, but performance wise I don't notice any drop off over a 1 piece rod.

I think the 1266 will prove an excellent beach rod. For the canal or serious rock stuff (where I'd use a GSB1321M) I suspect the Fiberstar 1267 would be a good 2 -piece option.

09-19-2013, 07:33 PM
. had some CTS blanks in mind, but eventually decided on a Lami super surf gen 2,

What is a Gen 2 super surf? Is this their Infinity line or something else?
Have you (or anyone else) laid hands on Lami's infinity rods?

09-19-2013, 07:46 PM
Spending more time in the surf now than during the summer. Really enjoying the new Allstar 1208 I had Saltheart wrap for me. Got the blank from onedozenraw. Shortened the distance to the reelseat by a couple inches. My idea, and I was wrong. But I did have him put a split grip of eva foam at the butt. Was larger diameter than I had pictured, but boy do I love it. Nice blank. Glad I found one. Hope to wrap a spiral myself this winter.

09-20-2013, 09:25 AM
Not really new this fall but new this year I've been using my 11' CTS S7 3-6 for the ditch. Its really a pleasure to fish with, and paired with the 09 emblem it can cast a long way. I've also be using it with poppers, and it really casts the 2 3/8 little neck popper very well, works pencils too. But it really shines jiggin, very sensitive tip section you can feel everything...biggest fish this year was just under 35# on it and it gave that fish a whoopin in full current. Its a 2 piece... but it got stuck together earlier this spring... :fury: so now its a 1 piece, had to get roof racks sometime I guess.

09-20-2013, 03:10 PM
What is a Gen 2 super surf? Is this their Infinity line or something else?
Have you (or anyone else) laid hands on Lami's infinity rods?

hi 'skull. the SSG2 is lami's new, middle-series between the Infinity and the GSB rods as far as price. lami, supposedly, redesigned the original SS series, or just made a new series, and put the w/ the SS name on them. they have a lot of the newer blank technologies in them, but do not have the 3M technology. 4 2-piece models and 1 1-piece model. they are in the 2014 catalog. rods/blanks to be released in about a month or so. the SSG2 production rods do not have the "Paco" grip (pic wrong in catalog), but just shrink flock over the blank, Fuji NPS reel seats and "K" guides, I assume alconite rings.

i had a chance to touch a couple Infinity rods, but i'm not sure which generation they were. i think gen 1, as they were matte finish. they changed them for this fall by adding a gloss coating over the original matte finish. they were supposed to change the action to make them slightly stiffer, but i don't think they modified the action/power. the rods have a K 50 (ha!) catch guide and are COF for the most part (ha!). the Inifinity's i touched didn't feel bad tho, but i never casted one.

i had an interest in the fiberstar's, but i don't like 50/50 splits. another company's 50/50 split blanks i touched i could feel the dead spot. maybe this fall i can check some out.

09-20-2013, 06:29 PM
Its a 2 piece... but it got stuck together earlier this spring... :fury: so now its a 1 piece, had to get roof racks sometime I guess.

Try cooling it. I had an experience this winter/spring with a two piece rod I had assembled outside but once I brought it back inside it was absolutely stuck (I tried all sorts of tricks to separate it) Eventually I left it outside over night and the next morning while it was cold it came right apart. The joint must get tighter as the blank temperature rose 30-50 degrees.

09-20-2013, 09:45 PM
Its outside right now, I'll give it a try tomorrow just like every day :smash: I've tried everything, ice packs, heat gun, ice packs and heat gun, wd40 soak. That bitch is now a 1 piece lol. I assume something got on the ferrul like a little bit of lock tight on my finger, or some stickiness from the hockey tape on my casting finger or something. At least it got stuck straight! :)

09-26-2013, 08:10 PM
i have two centuries that ive been waiting to wrap since last winter.

the 1265 10'6" rated 1-3.5oz
the 1267 10'6" rated 2-5oz

both will be built with paco grips on the fore grip and basic x flock with o rings under it on the butt section.

i usually use k frames, but may do a hybrid layout use a k frame then lc guides, did that on another rod and the results are amazing.

then i have 9'6" century that the handle and decorative cross wrap are finished, and guide layout is done for a conv reel, probably go with a avet, but havent bought the reel so the guide placement will change.

then I have 12' spod rod from century that has been changed so the model i have isnt needed for demos, etc. so plan is to cut 8" off the butt, completely rewrap it and have a more versatile rod that Ill actually use on a regular basis.

Then hopefully a couple more blanks from the back bay line and another s2, built for wetsuiting.

really helps pass the winter months

09-28-2013, 10:07 AM
Doing a new Infinity surf rod for a friend and whatever rod builds comes my way. Doing more marbling (butt wraps & guides) with different effects and design. Love the infinite options available. Still have an interest in doing a 10L with a tip and butt trimming for eeling and plugging.

10-01-2013, 10:37 AM
Building a replacement xra1322 for tins and topwater if I ever get around to it. Would much rather build it in Jan/Feb building while fish are around is never any fun.