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fish raptor
09-24-2013, 08:58 PM
Hello, I live in upstate N.Y. but have a home in W. Dennis Mass and plan on spending a lot of time Stripper & more fishing at the Cape. Like to buy the best quality equip that I can. Plan on spending some time on the Canal learning from the experts. Met a gent named ProffessorM ?? but did not get his real name there, enjoyed our disscussion.

Just purchased a Shimano Stella 10000 (found new one) and wish to match with a Century rod as I hear they are top shelf but do not know which model/s I should consider. Called Century and they advised area rep has them all and can try each at the Canal. Can anyone advise as to which models work for them and I should consider.

I am planning on going down as soon as this weekend 9/27/13 and will stop at tackle shops to look first hand.

Thanks in advance.
Fish Raptor