View Full Version : Where 'not' to wash hunting clothes

11-12-2013, 04:44 PM
Walked into the laundry mat with my hunting clothes, you know where this is going, anyway, as I'm putting the clothes in(including an expensive carbon lined scent blocker jacket) the lady who's running the place is asking me all kinds of questions about deer and hunting. Several times I explain the importance of keeping scent down, that's why I using special soap etc. I have two loads going. I figured I'd wash them there and hang them on the line to air dry. Mean while as I played with my phone I look up and notice she had just added something to my load, I said what is that...oh its fabric softer helps keep the suds down. I asked if I could smell it, yup I'm screwed. At this point Im playin it cool I let her know she F'ed up but its still ok. So I throw the clothes in again and added more soap to get rid of that freakin smell. The amount of soap I added was to much because I was pissed off and burning inside. Now I sit there and the machine is all white...till the end of the cycle. I open the door and soap is just pouring and I mean pouring out all over the dam place. At this point theres about 5-6 other people there watching... I let her and everyone know to keep ur fing hands off and away from my load. S.O.B. I was pissed!!

11-14-2013, 06:43 PM