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Mr. Sandman
11-13-2013, 02:27 PM
Has anyone used it?

Does it add much convenience over a current smart tv? Do you still watch TV via cable box as well or have you pulled the plug?

11-13-2013, 07:46 PM
Roku box's have their advantages if you like to use apps, ie netflix, however it doesn replace live tv or current shows. A good feature is the ability to play many different formats of movies you may have stored on the network or thumb drive.

In my professional opinion, its an add on and not a replacement.
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Mr. Sandman
01-02-2014, 07:48 AM
I got one of these for my wife for Christmas. (roku 3) And I have to say it is pretty cool. I first heard about it from a women standing on line in an electronics store and she clearly had had enough with the cable bill . She dropped it but still keeps the internet service and is using the internet and for news and the roku to watch movies. She mooches off a friends netflix account and one other movie service and has a lot of free channels but her cable bill is zero.

If you have a brand new smart tv that is wireless you probably don't need this. I added to my plasma TV in my bedroom which is about 5 years old and has no smart features. This box works as advertised and is relatively cheap. My wife loves it and I can see how you can purchase this and scale back the cable package to a basic package just to get live news and sports. I think with the expansion of netflix services to quality original content and eventually live channels I think the big cable providers are finally feeling a little pressure and it will not be long before you see more people looking to cut costs start pulling the cable tv plug