View Full Version : What a difference an inch makes

12-16-2013, 11:40 PM
Been delaying the installation of my bathroom sink for a week trying to get around a 1 inch problem with the spacing of the holes in the wall mount sink I got vs the studs I want to lag bolt it into. The wall studs are already at an odd spacing but just 1 inch more of oddness would have saved the day. Nope! Finally bit the bullet and took off some wall tiles and opened up the wall to allow me to put a new brace in between the wall studs. One inch means instead of a 30 minute easy job I'm in for hours of bullcrap including having to solve the retiling puzzle. I cursed that thing for an hour :cens: but in the end decided to do the extra work instead of risking a hack job. Truly the down side of a DIY project. :af:

12-17-2013, 12:07 AM
Feeling your pain but I do the same thing....gotta do it the right way...not the easy way!:uhuh:

12-17-2013, 06:04 AM
nice to have pre built slabs of 1 inch plywood or 2 x 8
where ever you plan to mount things, so there's no worries
about finding wood when you go to mount it. on Most jobs
those are the pieces that were thrown away in the dumpster.

12-18-2013, 12:18 PM
Got lucky! Poking around in the cellar I found some tiles that were salvaged from a previous tub tile redo. I think I have enough to repair what I had to damage to get the brace in for the new sink. This still will be a lot of work but an exact match on the replacement tiles means a lot to the appearance of the end product. !! :)

01-03-2014, 06:14 PM
You got off easy. My Ol Lady would have had me gut the whole bathroom.