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12-26-2013, 01:51 PM
I hope everyone's Christmas was good. My brother in law asked for something he could drink and then regret drinking. So I bought him a single malt 12 year old bottle from the Balvenie, which is a two barrel whiskey. I made him open it and share a small taste. It is very good and easy to drink which is in my opinion, dangerous, but I do recommend it if you like single malt whiskeys.

What I have yet to open is one of his gifts to me, Two Hearted Ale by a brewery in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Beer Advocate gave it a score of 95, and classifies it as an India Pale Ale with "enormous hop additions and American Malts" so my expectations are high. He rated it as his personal favorite beer, and added that his friend Jake had just returned from Afghanistan (Navy) who vowed that his first taste of something to drink on US Soil would be a Two Hearted Ale.

12-26-2013, 02:05 PM
That's a good beer. I brew a clone of it from time to time. Lots of cascade hops in it.
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12-26-2013, 08:06 PM
Bell's make some good stuff :drool:.
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