View Full Version : My first real movie in 20+ years

Mr. Sandman
01-01-2014, 07:22 PM
OK , last year I went to see a pre-showing of a film about tuna fishing in a tiny private theater but this past weekend while attending a 3 day hockey tourny in NH I had some down time and went to my first real movie in a real movie theater in about 24 years. (give or take a couple years) (I actually walked into a mall too...first time in 15 years)

It was pretty good. There were only 8 people watching the same movie I was and the seats were comfortable. The sound was good and the video quality was what I expected.

I went to see "the wolf of wall street" I went to see that movie because a few years back I read a lot about the wolfs boat (a kick ass 170' mega yacht) which sunk in high seas off Italy and was a pretty major controversy. There were a lot of unanswered questions which I was hoping the movie would answer but really didn't as the focus was on the wolf and his life as a wall street lowlife and not the boat. But there were a few scenes with it and they showed it sinking.

If you want to see a documentary about how wall street really works...go see this movie.:devil2: bunchascumbags ripping off anyone then can to line their own pockets.