View Full Version : Two unrelated tech questions - Skype and MSN email on iPhone

01-05-2014, 12:54 PM
Okay - hoping some of you guys may be able to share some of your expertise with a few computer/tech related issues I am experiencing.

First - Skype - I signed up for and have paid for a premium account to enable group video calls. Terrible customer service aside, I received an email from Skype on Dec. 29 stating that my premium account was activated - (which I have already been paying for) yet I am still unable to loop more than one person into a video call. I am pretty sure that I have the system requirements that I need.

Second: I have the iPhone 4S and two mail accounts - one from work and my personal MSN/Hotmail account (I guess they are now calling it Outlook). After I was forced to upgrade to the new iPhone software on my phone - my personal email wasn't receiving or sending emails via my iPhone.

Tried re-entering my password, etc. a number of times and still didn't work. Yesterday called Apple and had an iPhone tech guy walk me through the process and we wound up removing my MSN account and reloading it. It started working great immediately.

It was working fine this morning until 12:30 p.m. today and now I am getting the same message of "can't send email ... etc.,"

WTF? ... :smash:... Any thoughts?

While I have no idea as to why these problems are occurring, the only commonality between the two separate and unrelated problems is Microsoft. However, their customer service and product quality issues are not likely to improve anytime soon ... so I appreciate any thoughts you may have.