View Full Version : Denver pass receivers , can Pats handle them

01-14-2014, 04:26 PM
Denver has the best collection of pass receivers in the game this year. D Thomas , J Thomas , Decker and Welker , all on the same team have stats that total to more than any other 4 receivers in the league. No other team is close and in fact I don't think any 4 receivers from any of the other teams combined can equal their TD outputs. I think the big question for the Pats game Sunday is whether we can stop these guys. Now our pass defense has gotten better but 4 top guys is hard to handle.

Welker always has to be watched and nobody knows that better than the Patriots. Trouble is D Thomas is also incredible. Can we cover both? Now throw in a tight end , J Thomas , with 12 TD this regular season and I think it starts to become impossible to cover everybody. Of course floating around somewhere is Decker who had one TD reception (11) more than Welker (Wes missed 3.5 games with a concussion and likely would have had 13 or 14 if he played every game). So anyway , I don't think we can stop their receivers.

Things in our favor are that there is only one ball. Also , there is only one Manning and the pass rush can get to him. So maybe the trick is to get to Manning rather than cover their 4 all star receivers. Also , maybe take the chance and go for the interceptions even if it costs us a few completed passes that would likely be completed anyway.

All in all , I think we must keep Denver below 40 points. Even if we run the ball like crazy using Blount , we have to keep the Broncos down around 30 points or less. Without Wilfork and Mayo playing I think we especially need Jones to step up and get some sacks.

Anyway , what are peoples thoughts on trying to lessen the impact of the best collection of receivers in the league that Denver will have on the field Sunday.

Sea Dangles
01-14-2014, 08:57 PM
I remember when the Rams had the best receivers in the league.

01-15-2014, 08:08 AM
Indeed, Denver has weapons and the Pats have their hands full trying to contain them. I think they will. To me it all comes down to a "bend but do not break" mentality. The Pats will win this game if Adam kicks 2 or three field goals instead of Peyton tossing two or 3 TD's.

Sadly, this game may come down to one very important factor: How tight do the Zebras call this game? Do they go flag-happy every time a Denver receiver gets breathed on past 5 yards out?