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Mr. Sandman
08-01-2014, 02:32 PM
fished the dump and picked up 3 small bft about 36" or so just past the claw and just over the northern west end of the dump. Nothing at the southern end. . Had a few other knock downs one persistent fish pounded a small splash bar way back about 5 times before giving up but no hookup. One small mahi . I saw a whale off in the distance and a few dolphin but to be honest it was a quiet day. I didn't see any whites but I heard of a couple sightings. One of my leaders was all chaffed up and I am thinking that might have been one of the mystery knockdowns. I would wait until a new slug of hot water makes its way into the dump before running to the southern edge and beyond. We also got a small tuna on a melton cherry jet trolled at 13 knots. We were moving to new spot and for the hell of it I put a jet head and a wahoo lure with weight in the a few minutes the jethead went off and it was a bft. go figure. no good hard breaks. water about 70 but it is pretty blue and clear to the south with patches of weed hear and there.

Sea Dangles
08-02-2014, 04:52 PM
I was close by out there yesterday Jim. It was pretty quiet for signs of life but I managed a couple of medium bluefin on the troll with the largest around 90 pounds. Just as it was on Wednesday,the action came early and then dried up... We had 4 small ones Wednesday down in the SE corner next to the good break. I will say that the only place with a heartbeat was near the claw but I was too foolish to fish it as I was in a rush to the dump.
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Mr. Sandman
08-02-2014, 05:31 PM
Nice going. We did not get anything that big but a buddy had one one for 45 min before breaking off. Crimp pulled on the stinger. All we saw were some small fish there...but I would take a 90#er. I took one home and had it for dinner last was great.

Headed to the edge on mon or tue on a go-fast boat if the weather cooperates. Not sure exactly where.

I am now thinking of buying a live-aboard type trawler and just fishing with friends. That said I do like running a boat offshore, it is so much nicer than inshore.

Spent most of the day organizing my tackle my gear was a mess. We are ready to go now. It is amazing how long it took me to put everything where it is suppose to be, repair rigs, replace hooks, etc.