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02-03-2015, 09:13 AM
A few thoughts about the Super Bowl, The Patriots and the Seahawks.
Tom Brady is the best clutch quarterback ever to play the game and the best ever.
Julian Edelman has gone from a punt returner to the best receiver on the team. Those of you that know football would agree that if you made the team as a punt returner, you are a half step above the practice squad. This is the corporate equivalent if starting in the mail room and ending up CEO.
Nate Solder had the game of his life and he needed to.
Bryan Stork is all the difference on the O Line.
Rob Gronkowski is the biggest kid in the NFL. Those Gronk Boys had to be a handful. His mother has to be a saint.
Unsung hero award goes to Shane Vereen.
Rob Ninkovitch does not get enough credit, he is a shutdown LB.
I canít think of any situation that I would want to tackle Blount.
Malcom Butler will never have to buy a drink or dinner for the rest of his life.
The Pats kicking game has to be among the best in the leauge.
Rodger Godell couldnít have looked any more sour during the trophy ceremony and the following press conferences. I feel he represents an age of men that is ending. The good old boy, ass grabbing, back slapping chauvinistic era. I don't think he has a lot of respect for women and that will be his undoing.
Pete Carroll is the type of coach that can win if he has all the pieces set up. He has never been good under pressure but he can win if he has the best team on the field.
Russell Wilson is a winner.
Marshon Lynch is a pretty decent guy. Check him and Gronk playing Mortal Combat on Conan.
I saved the best for last. Bill Belichick. Has earned every ounce of his success as a coach. He is a smart, hardworking driven man that has put in countless hours as a coach. I have a friend that worked for the Pats for a long time prior and during the Belichick era. He mentioned to me that most coaches work a lot of hours during the season. 7 am - 10 pm every day, except game day. 100 hours per week. Not Bill he comes in at 4 am and leaves at 11 pm. 6 days a week. He lives on 4 hours of sleep a night. Letís do the math. During a seven month campaign he is working 119 hours per week for a total of 3,420 hours per season. He has put in with the Patriots a total of 51,300 hours. That does not include the off season. According to the book Outliers you need 10,000 hours to become an expert in anything from football to being a doctor. Bill has at least 5 times that amount. The Pats will be on top regardless of who is playing where as long as Bill is at the helm. Some people are gifted with high intelligence, natural ability or birthright. Some guys are just grinders. Belichick grinder, Brady grinder, Edelman grinder. The Patriots are a bunch of grinders with a master at the top. You want to get great you have to put your head down a grind away. A great season for a bunch of guys that know, value and appreciate hard work. See you in August, nose to the grindstone, eyes looking at the stars.

02-03-2015, 09:39 AM
most excellent post- thank you