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02-11-2015, 06:20 PM
:claps:has the right stuff.... Maybe not exactly the way I would have phrased it, but he gets my/his point across in a more meaningful way...

After Sunday’s Grammy Awards show, Kanye West was a topic of discussion for interrupting Beck when he was on stage to receive his honor for album of the year. Kanye later went on a rant, suggesting Beck should’ve handed his award over to Beyonce.

Kanye’s actions rubbed more than few people the wrong way. Among them is Brandon Browner of the Super Bowl champion Patriots. Browner chose not to keep his feelings inside at let a few tweets fly Tuesday evening, calling Kanye out for his behavior.

"KANYE WEST is a sucka! Everybody don't listen to Beyoncé. Second time he tried to steal somebody shine. First time it was a 15 yr old girl ... Kanye try and play that I'm weird because of my genius. Non of the greats pull that stupid ish. Meaning Marley, Mike Jack, Tupac, Jayz etc. ... Peep who he tried Beck and Taylor Swift. Real tough guy. If only I could've been Beck for one night. Kanye would be rapping thru the wire," Browner wrote in a series of tweets.

Well, alright then.

Brandon Browner certainly isn’t the only one who has grown tired of Kanye’s antics. From calling him a “sucka” to a fake tough guy, Browner came out throwing haymakers in a 140-character or less format. He also gets bonus points for dropping the “rapping thru the wire” line in the final tweet.

02-11-2015, 08:44 PM
And he was on NFL channel tonight and they talked about that too.
He mentioned how Beck plays all the instruments like a true artist
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02-12-2015, 11:33 AM
I applaud him for voicing his sentiment but
he was walking a fence line of acting impolite in media
with his newly acquired credentials or status.
this is a Bill Belichick no-no
man has had allot of errors this year too.... just sayin

but KANYE that slime should be barred from the grammy's period.
I found them to be UNWATCHABLE like a patriots game gone bad
where we are beating ourselves instead of dominating.