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03-23-2015, 06:25 AM
I am having a custom rod built...nothing fancy nothing, too expensive.
I am going with a 7' Rainshadow blank (spinning). Medium action to throw 1 oz range lures from a boat....I have held one in my hands and really like it for the cost and feel. My question becomes what reel seat to choose and guides. I'm clueless at what is out there, the cost and functionality.
I strictly use braid. I am probably going to pair this with a Saragosa....but that's not set in stone yet either.
Any advice is much appreciated.

03-23-2015, 08:38 AM
Hi Mugs
I'm just starting to wrap rods so I'm no sharply by any stretch ,,,,

I do know that you should select the reel b 4 the builder starts. As for all the other info I should think the builder would guide you . I've spent countless hours reading forums, u tubes, Read Fuji anglers resource front to back, been in and out of several tackle shops with a measuring tape, spent a little time at CMS ( where you should have it built IMO) for materials and info,

I'd suggest you spend some time with research b 4 deciding on seats, guide type, layout and a whole bunch other options....

There's still a little time b 4 you'll need it, hey? LOL

03-23-2015, 09:01 AM
I may just end up buying one already wrapped off the shelf!!
Will be making the trip this weekend....and I will ask the same questions.

03-23-2015, 12:24 PM
Nothing wrong with off the shelf but if you want something that is yours you can choose thread colors that you won't see at a shop and truely make it a custom.

Sounds like you want a decent rod without going over the top. If it were me this is what I'd go with.

I'd go with Fuji Alconite guides either all purpose spinning BSVAG or the k's KWAG .

Go with EVA grips. I am partial to the heavy duty graphite real seats, nice and smooth. Fuji DPSH.

Give the reel spooled up with braid to whomever is going to wrap it for it really needs to be test cast to make sure the stripper guide is a good spot with no line slap.

Good luck.

03-23-2015, 12:37 PM
Excellent.....THANK YOU.