View Full Version : Skinny Water Brown

05-02-2015, 07:00 PM
Went out w/ my son the other day for a couple of hours hit a brook that holds Browns, water was down an the riffles were exposed, with water just breaking over the top of them, only about 6-8" deep with a pool in front of it, as he was fishing the pool I took a brake an lit a cigar, an noticed a big brown tailing in the rocks feeding on nymphs he was doing this for some time I told him to look down to the rocks in front an he saw him also. he had a black ghost streamer on, which would be quit hard to fish it in there. but he gave it a shot an floated it into the rocks . shore as hell it smacked it an swam into the fast water off the side, he had a hell of a time holding him w/his 3 wt an barbels hook, an second later he threw it.. he said he knows what it is an he wont be hitting that fly again, so he stopped an moved over to me. well wouldn't you know he came back to the same spot an started feeding on the rocks again, this had it have been a good 3lbs, you could see him tailing an his back half was sticking out of the water. I told him give it another shot,he might just be hungry enough to came back. he did an hooked up again an lost him again. here are a couple of picks of him one drifting the fly an one on the hook up. guess he will have to give him a few days to recope, an go back an try to find him again.