View Full Version : loss of an old friend !

05-06-2015, 07:12 AM
For a number of years he has kept my English sparrows in check, he's been like a member of the family, always around, perching where everyone could see him most of the time. but the other day I found him laying under one of the big Douglas firs, must have been a miscalculation on his part. he has flown in an out off all the trees around the grounds for years, even wing slapped me for being in his way while trying to get his lunch. SORRY to see him go. I hope another hawk, will show up an take his place. but till then he will be missed. I took some of his belly feathers, a couple wing, an some body,an head feathers, an laid him to rest under his favorite tree. this fly is dedicated to him.
I added a couple of crest feathers to all his, as a thank you for all his service. I call this one "OLD FRIEND"

05-06-2015, 01:18 PM
you've done him Proud then
looks so buggy like a gypsy-moth