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05-14-2015, 06:25 AM
Last Friday was our first "Cruze Night" we had around 200 car show up, I got there early to get a good parking space an save one for a buddy so I took out an extra chair an put it in the space next to me for him. was a great start good afternoon meeting all the guys again, later in the afternoon the food lines started getting long an the ice cream lines are always long even w/ 6 windows, so I opened my trunk an a took my drink out of my cooler, sat down in front of my car an light a cigar, an just did some people watching, as I was putting my drink down an hears some one say that smells nice! I looked up an saw an pair leather boots, some chaps, black leather jacket, an a pair gloves in one hand an vest, with a white shirt under it, some blue an green bandanna on her head. she said do you mind if I sit. I said not a problem. she then took the bandanna off an tossed her hair back.I took another puff of my cigar an just watched. then she said DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD. that was it now I new some one setting me up, I have a saying I always use when I"m asked this by any one. My response was, I believe in 3 things. she said "an what are those" I respond with SEX, DRUGS, ROCK an ROLL. That got her attention! the she said "let me see your hand" OK. she took my hand an started rubbing it an then said "have you ever had your palm read" I took another puff of my cigar an blew it at her, hoping she took the hint an left. but NO! she took her finger nail which was all polished up in white an started running it on my palm. just then my buddy showed up an said "HAY you gonna eat , the lines down let go. YES SALVATION! I said to her Ill be back. we got in line an I said did you send her over to harass me. he said who! I turned an pointed to where we were siting an her, BUT she was gone! he said you taking DRUGS ! NO but maby I need some. that's what inspired this fly I call "WHITCHY WOMEN"

05-15-2015, 08:17 AM every language of every religion there is....
the word "GOD" is defined as

those that came down from the heavens