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07-02-2015, 08:04 AM
As I get older I see,as all of us do, people passing away from my youth.

When I was a kid my father was a golfer. He does not fish. I grew up from the age of say 8 or 9 waking up early to head to the club with my dad and his buddy Jerry. I would carry my fathers bag chase errant drives into the woods etc. We were members at a fairly exclusive club and there was a core crew every weekend that I would walk around with. It thought me a lot about respect, how to listen, manors and hard work. I was a big kid so carrying my dads bag wasn't easy but it was doable. So every Saturday and Sunday from the end of April til say October I was on the first tee with My dad Jerry Pat and Paul. After a couple of years Jerry ten years the senior to my father decided he wanted to walk the course. He asked my dad if he could use me. My dad agreed and I was employed. For ten bucks a round I carried the heaviest bag a lousy golfer could own. Jerry was at best a 25 Handicap and he had a harder time walking the course than I did carrying his bag. He had a wicked Slice and I spent plenty of time finding balls. At first. As the summer progressed Jerry got into better shape I got stronger and he started to trust me to read his putts Suggest shots etc. at 11 I played to a 12 handicap. And had broken 80 on two occasions. His game and his physical shape improved. I learned a little about how to be a real caddy. I carried his bag for 3 years. I cut his grass after a while too increased my income to 36 dollars a week.

These guys and all the guys up at the club were larger than life to me. I wanted to be like them when I grew up. The CC life the camaraderie the ball busting all of it. Later in life my values changed and I just realized that wasn't the life for me. I had opportunity to deal with Jerry professionally later in life as he was a manufacturers rep. I an electrical contractor. We took lunches I bought his equipment wire etc. when I got married the only person I called outside of my family was his wife Betty. Who was equally good to me.

Today I say good bye to Mr Joyce. And realize the 9:06 tee time is booked infinitely.

Getting old sucks

07-02-2015, 08:55 AM
Yes. Getting old does suck.

Now you get to be a Mr Joyce to others, pass along the ethic and the respect to another generation, as we will surely need them.

Our condolences on the loss of your friend and at times, mentor.

07-02-2015, 10:25 AM
Sorry for your loss.
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07-02-2015, 11:32 AM
Nice memories you have. Sorry for your loss.

07-02-2015, 01:23 PM
Im sure that right now there is a kid who thinks the same about you as you did of the one you lost.

Sorry for your loss.
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07-03-2015, 09:06 AM
Thanks for sharing, sorry for your loss, great memories though.
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07-07-2015, 06:35 AM
That is a great post...I read it TWICE... the body is gone..but what you learned will stay with you forever... sorry for your loss...

and yea... getting old does suck!:splat:

07-07-2015, 11:49 AM
A week removed from this I appreciate you guys thoughts. His wife is very much alive. Lives two miles from me. Was able to stop by Sunday night to check on her. Her kids are all over the place. Hopefully my kids will get to connect with her as well. My oldest is 4 and connects with the elderly (I would not call Betty elderly she can run circles around me probably) almost instinctively.
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