View Full Version : penn prevail surf rod and penn torque trqs9 reel question

07-15-2015, 05:59 PM
Hi guys

I just bought a new penn torque trqs9 so I can mount it on my penn prevail surf rod as well as some of my boat rods so I can fish from the surf and go after tuna as a rep from penn told me some people do

I noticed that the foot of the reel has more of a flatter face while my reel seat clamps have more of a C I can get the reel on the rod but is it normal for the reel seat clamps to have to mold to the foot of the reel?

I have a Shimano saragosa 25000sw and it has more of a C shaped foot and fits better without having to force the reel seat to fit.

Is this normal that the reel seat should mold around the reel foot?