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09-25-2015, 08:10 AM
just an fyi from the ole Doc Raven
shaman- healer -empath dude-nutritional guru mofo :)

Allot of these diseases stem from nutritional deficiencies
namely lack of minerals....

now your thinkin: hey i take my calcium and stuff

no i am talking about the RARE minerals that typically are
only found in sea Kelp and other Norwegian seaweeds

more specifically: it can take as long as 40 years to develope
a deficiency there's NO magic rescue Pill that can Reverse
this condition Overnight...

that being said... for you or your parents you have to begin a
regiment of THINKING minerals not just the standard vitamins
of a e b and C to have a chance to prevent the signs of mental Loss.

I see all these fancy names pop up like this threads title
and then that label gets applied to the individual and the game's Over.
WHAT a BUNCH of BullShet ... fatalistic nonsense ....

Start taking some kelp for christ's sake
here's a plant that outgrows everything in the sea
without a root system only attaches itself to rocks
to keep from being washed away by wave action

Otherwise it absorbs all it's nutrients right thru it's Leaves
that it needs to grow as do many sea kelp or seaweed plants

there's minerals the body needs that will never ever show up in food grown from the land as all they (commercial farmers) do is mine the earth of the more rare minerals by throwing NPK at plants for a quick BUCK and could give a Rat's Ass about your health....
so you have to STEP UP and do it.

So eventually what happens is the soils begin to be Mined out
of the Rarer minerals even gold.... until none is left.

i am headed up to Maine to Farm
i will be harvesting seaweed off the beaches
by pitch fork after each hurricane when possible
and hauling it back 55 miles to the homestead to compost

these extra minerals gives your veggies a glow like a prego woman
that's noticeable and provides superior BUG resistance
and when consumed makes disease's like dimentia , forgetfulness,
bad memory problems disappear over time.....

when supplied with the right minerals
during your REM cycle of sleep
that's when your Body rebuilds the brain organ
with what you supplied it....

so it's not in my humble opinion
due to OLD AGE it's Due to a lack of Minerals
that your failing to provide

okay! end of health rant