View Full Version : after the storm fishing ?

blue oyster
10-03-2015, 07:11 AM
seas are gonna be riled for a while , and most likely weedy , any thoughts on how the fishing will be , will it be good or did the storm push the fish out and away .

Fly Rod
10-03-2015, 08:41 AM
Be careful U should get some good striper fishing in the white water surf along the shore...keep the motor running...sometimes it is best in heavy surf to stay off the shore and use a surf rod for distance to reach the shoreline......:)

10-05-2015, 08:20 AM
swell is still really big. I think the fishing is going to still be good. Just big out front right now. Don't see it laying down until the end of the week.

Sea Dangles
10-05-2015, 02:27 PM
Ha, check the forecast
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10-05-2015, 03:34 PM
checked it. heading out in the a.m. ;)

10-05-2015, 03:44 PM
The day after Hurricane Bob we "crushed" large at Deep Hole, in the surf.

10-05-2015, 04:47 PM
The day after Sandy we, um...found lots of trash.

10-05-2015, 06:22 PM
south shore .super dirty last ## days ><><

10-05-2015, 09:05 PM
Going out Thursday for allies, probably too late in the season, but is was a busy September.