View Full Version : Tibor's New Look

Dave Peros
12-02-2015, 03:58 PM
I realize in the grand scheme of things that this subject isn't terribly important, but in looking at Tibor's new spool cutout design, it just seems out of place on such a classic reel. I wasn't a big fan when they changed from the simple round design to the oblong, elongated one, but at least it fit within the general sense of what a Tibor looked like. Now they seem to be chasing the Nautilus type look and I feel it's a mistake since Tibor had the right idea when it introduced a simple, classic design that stood on its own.
Boy, am I getting old, or what? The purpose of modern design just seems to be lost on me.
Any thoughts out there to share?

12-02-2015, 07:09 PM
I like the old Tibor look, and that style of fly reel in general. Round ports and a simple design. I just bought a new reel myself, my first large arbor actually, and although looks don't catch fish, I find my eyes drawn to reels that aren't too modern or decked out. I guess companies feel the need to remain relevant in terms of features, but also what's popularly viewed as "cool". It doesn't look like Tibor is even offering the old designs on their site.
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