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12-29-2015, 07:23 AM
Does anyone know if caning chair seats is difficult to teach one's self to do? We have 10 that were inherited, very nice, sturdy (Pennsylvania Dutch/Shaker design) chairs that I've now put my butt through 3 of. It gets pricey to have them done and it doesn't look that difficult for the most part, but the do it yourself videos and how-to's don't go into every detail, mostly like finishing it off in the end which looks complicated. Doesn't seem to be any mentors in the NJ area to teach someone to do it, just a couple guys that will take your $200+ and call you when it's done.

12-29-2015, 08:58 AM
Woodcraft supply has books tools and materials
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12-29-2015, 05:36 PM
My father was a good one for " if someone else can do it" so can I...
And he did even into his 90s, caning chairs was one of his winter time projects,,, you can do it,,, if u screw it up, undo it and start over,,,, LOL

12-29-2015, 06:09 PM
OK, well, thanks, I guess two replies was all I needed. I'll be near a Woodcrafters this weekend, I have space in my basement and I could use a winter project, and, my grandfather as well, late in his 80's also did this (he probably offered to teach me, but a late teens/early 20's stubborn know it all a$$hole me would never have gone for it. Truly my loss!).
Thanks you two.