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02-03-2016, 02:19 PM
I have one of these,s reels an would like to drill it out, like in the picture.
but don't know what type of drill bits I need to do it . does anyone know if please let me know thank you . also when done anyone know where I can get it coated / painted, or has anyone do this befor. thank you

02-03-2016, 02:32 PM
If it's an aluminum spool, regular high speed steel (HSS) bits would be fine. Would be nice to use a drill press (lowest speed setting if set up for drilling wood) with the workpiece set up in a vise, but you could get away with a regular power drill. Slow and steady.

You could paint it with automotive paint and a pressurized sprayer. Rattle can spray could work, but likely wouldn't hold up very long.

A body shop may be willing to paint it for you? Maybe you "know a guy"?

02-04-2016, 10:11 AM
THANK YOU, will have to buy some bits, Have a friend that paints all my cars Ill get him to paint it. thanks again. will post when done.

02-04-2016, 03:14 PM
Salty, I did a 710z about five years ago used the suggested drill bits with a hand drill. My first piece of advice is to make a template that you can tape on to the areas your gonna drill and mark with a punch. I used some aerosol stripper to remove the initial amount of existing paint then continued to buff it out with a Dremel tool. I liked the idea of the silver so I use turtle wax and just hit it every spring with a fresh coat and its held up fine. I'll post some pictures later when I can get to my computer. Pm me with any questions.
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02-04-2016, 08:23 PM
would love to see it. thanks for the advice. GOOD LUCK GOOD BUILDIN