View Full Version : Nissan Frontier advice

04-18-2016, 09:03 PM
My beloved 2001 is still hanging tough but showing her age....been looking to upgrade to 2010-2012-ish. Maybe I'm not being realistic but I think under 20K is reasonable, no? Anyway anyone have one and care to share your pros & cons? Test driven a few over the last few weeks and so far they all seem to have had some sort of growling "rear end" noise. Is it just noise or a problem? Husbands Tundra has the same noise and has been to dealer and through him...never found or had an issue as of yet. I would love another Tacoma but there is no way I am spending what they are asking for them these thats out of the question. I'm pretty flexible as far as the cab size, transmission, and frilly options but it does need to be 4WD. Lay it on me....the good, bad and ugly...Thanks

P.S.....Also considering buying a beater to get by and keeping the old girl but she needs $1000 worth of tires and some body work :(