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04-26-2016, 02:55 PM
In the category of things I find that piss me off especially when it is done to people I care about, this should probably be in the grumpy farts forum but here goes.

Last fall my in-laws downsized to a mobile home park in Carver from a nice duplex home in Randolph, culture shock moving to Mayberry but it is what it is. I did a lot of improvements to this fixer upper inside and also with some help of a member here Milo, who does fantastic work painting inside and he helped us out pressure washing the outside also. THANK YOU again Milo! They had other work done like furnace and some small stuff. They know I am busy but don't want to bother me and they go and hire this clown from the park who must be living there on SS or disability and does side jobs. At first he offers to shovel snow for them and they pay him a small amount to fix their starter in the car. He may be a nice guy but when it comes to home improvements he is a disaster. They hired him to replace their bathtub with a walk in shower so it is easier for her to get in to. I found out after work began. Typical do it yourself garbage shower stall with plastic panels etc. , these places have 54" tubs which are non typical so a 4 foot stall needs the wall furred out some. He never replaced the crown molding so naturally I had to do it and it was certainly beyond his or most peoples' capability.
Last Friday she calls me to ask a favor, she needs the metal skirting where it is loose put back properly so animals don't get in under. So I go over there and pull back the skirt and also ask what is this pipe on the outside all about? It was clearly new. Underneath was a pile of trash insulation and junk he should have thrown away but the worst thing I saw right away was the water pipes down below the bladder and insulation of the home and also the trap. WTF, that crap will freeze in winter and now water to shower with and the trap will freeze and burst, nice job amateur. So I ask what was the reason the faucet and drain are now on the opposite end from where it was, and my father in law says Jerry said it will be easier for her to get in and out. OK, so you take that but I say not a reason at all, sounds like an excuse to me because he got a shower base pan with the drain on the wrong end or he doesn't know what the F he is doing. They have been smelling a stink outside and don't know why so the brilliant Jerry goes and pipes in this vent and brings in out thru and oversized hole and up the sidewall, total hackjob, illegal also. I am sure since swapping ends the new drain trap was not vented but I guess it still worked before he did the exterior vent, thanks for the hole thru the house dickwad!. The trap is completely wrong, it comes down too low and has an extra 90 in it causing it to trap the trap, a full S tarp is illegal. He also has 2" after the trap downsizing to 1-1/2" = totally wrong illegal.

I am so pissed off about this I want to blast this guy but I won't. My mother in law had already told me they are distancing themselves from him, I said don't let him do another thing here.

Last week before she had mentioned to him about putting in a ramp for handicap and he says " I can do that" but my MIL says I think I'll have Bruce take a look at it, and he stormed off pissed off. A freaking child. So he sucks up to them, then they hire him, he does butcher work and then has a tantrum when told they will ask their son in law. I am glad they did that at least. I told them just ask me, or others, not people like that but they thought he was good.

here are the pictures of underneath

Fixing this mess can wait until later on before the fall because I am swamped right now.

04-26-2016, 04:59 PM
Wow that guy had absolutely no idea of what he was Didn't he look at how it was done when he ripped out the original
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04-27-2016, 11:45 AM
Wow that guy had absolutely no idea of what he was Didn't he look at how it was done when he ripped out the original
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Obviously NO, he didn't!

07-07-2016, 12:29 PM
I saw that once (and so did HE) on "The Three Stooges", and it didn't work for them either!