View Full Version : I can't say which is more idiotic...

09-16-2016, 11:20 AM
The "sheep" like mentality of those that join in the "anti-national anthem" protest when they may not really understand what is being protested, or the authoritative figures who are "making up" rules to punish those that are protesting?

California teacher withholds participatory grade from an American Indian girl who sits during the pledge of allegiance. Fortunately the principal sided with the student and has moved her to another teacher. I would love to see how that teacher could defend her actions when there is nothing to support her actions?

Florida school district require students get parental permission if they want to kneel during the national anthem at games.
Now they want the students to bring in a note from their parents, basically "excusing them from standing during the anthem"?

What happens if the "dog eats his paperwork"????

Just a couple of idiot stories from across the country.