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10-08-2016, 07:43 AM
So this guy I was working with says he decided he will only drink local beer. Of course I have to ask him to define "local" and his response is 50 miles. He lives in Stonington and I am thinking some pretty good beers are way closer than 50 to his place. Grey Sail is about 7 miles door to door, but he was buying beer at the store that was made in CT.

50 miles for me includes Tree House, New England Brewing, Kent Falls and Two Roads to name a few. Some I can get in a store down the street and Tree House I cannot. Sip I can find in stores if I work a bit, and it is made in CT but Lawson's is VT company.

Anyways, with all the breweries in place and opening I like the buy local idea, but I think 50 miles is no longer "local". Maybe a 15-20minute drive max to a brewery, and anything made in CT found in a store down the street would be the better definition. Not that I would not drive to Tree House now and then for a special occasion.

That would likely bring me to buying Kent Falls and Two Roads and some Sip in the stores down the street. Not too shabby, but I would be missing out on some favorites to be sure, Mostly Ommegang and Trillium. Unfortunately, distribution of NEB is lousy in this half of the state as well. I can make it to NEB in less than 20 minutes if I drive home a certain way though. Not really cheating in my book.

A bit rambling, but what say you?