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11-09-2016, 12:38 PM
Let's see...

Question #1 - NO to additional slots casinos
Yeah, like we need more casinos like we need even more lottery tickets.

Question #2 - NO to additional Charter Schools
Let's see if they can improve the exiting schools with all the money they claim to have saved?

Question #3 - Yes to the Farm animal improvement.
Sadly, we won't know how much the cost of food will increase because this won't go into effect for 5 years!

Question #4 - Yes to legalizing pot.
Sure, the pot-heads will be cheering, but in the end, who will end up paying the most for the resulting problems that WILL come with this? Do you really think that if you can grow your own that the state will be making money from it? Look for some sort of tax increase to help "defray" the cost of all problems that will become part of this law.

Question #5 - Yes to property tax increase.
There was NOTHING said or explained about this question and the impact it would have. Basically they want to increase property taxes by 1% to help with section 8's and affordable housing. Apparently the majority of Boston voters were either ignorant of the ramifications, or they ARE recipients of these benefits and want more!

That's it in a nutshell!