View Full Version : It's amazing how sometimes reality...

11-21-2016, 12:51 PM
is drawn into fantasy.

Went to a wrestling show in Norwood Friday night.
It was the NCW end of the year show, "Wrestlefest XII"

They had an ongoing sub-plot of an "election" for the presidency of the operations, and had three candidates vying for the position.

The incumbent ended up winning (to no ones surprise, and the show ended with a wresting riot between the "good guys" who voted for the incumbent and the bad guys who voted for the other guys (who happened to be in "cahoots" together).
The pivotal point that had me laughing my arse off was when one of the losing candidates (Beau Douglas) yells from the center ring in the midst of the mayhem..."HE'S NOT OUR PRESIDENT!"

I would have been upset about real life politics intruding into performance art if it weren't as ridiculous as the real thing!

I made the night that much more fun!