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Jim in CT
11-30-2016, 09:27 AM
The terrorist who carried out the Ohio State attack, was a refugee from Somalia, who fled to Pakistan (I think?), and then came here. It is being reported that he went through some kind of vetting process by the State Department before he came here.

It is being reported that Trump wants to ban all Muslim immigration, and murder and eat the ones who are already here.

What Trump is actually saying, is that we temporarily stop Muslim immigration from countries that are terror hotspots, until we can find a way to do it safely.

I am not sure I see how anyone not currently in a mental institution, can disagree with that. What is the argument against that, exactly?

I believe that in my lifetime, the western world is going to have a very serious conversation about whether or not this religion has any place in a civilized society. Unfortunately, we will likely have to lose a lot of innocent people before we have the stomach to have that conversation.

11-30-2016, 10:06 AM
Too bad Adam Lanza and Dylan Roof weren't Muslim.

Jim in CT
11-30-2016, 10:25 AM
Too bad Adam Lanza and Dylan Roof weren't Muslim.

Paul, I know you don't like it when I generalize...but liberals have a very common and tiresome habit, of responding to something very different from what was actually said.

Paul, if I said "every murder since the dawn of time has been carried out by Islamic terrorists who came here as refugees", then your response (that culling Muslim immigration wouldn't reduce murders to zero) would be valid. Since I never said anything remotely close to that, your response isn't remotely close to being pertinent.

No single legislative item will eliminate all crime. But we should be able to agree on common sense, low-hanging fruit.

I said that Trump's plan might reduce the likelihood of future attacks like the one that just happened at Ohio State. Why do I say that? Because (1) Trump's proposal is to suspend Muslim immigration from refugees fleeing known terror hotspots, and (2) the Ohio State terror attack was carried out by a Muslim refugee from a known terror hotspot. Is that really going too fast for you? I hardly think so.

Will that eliminate the violence in Chicago every weekend? No. Will it eradicate mass shootings carried out by the mentally ill? No. Will it reduce the likelihood of future attacks like the one we just saw? Yes.

11-30-2016, 10:45 AM
We should review the refugee program and make sure we are doing it right. Problem is a lot of professionals that do this for a living do not think we can properly vet some of these people. Even if we could there would still be some leakers or later converts. Director Comey stated vetting would be unreliable

Lanza and Roof were not Muslim nor refugee but they were bad guys and they will do the time for the horrendous crimes they committed (assuming the ACLU does not get them off as victims) but they are not germane to this discussion.

Testifying before Congress, Mr. Comey ( said when the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is destroyed – and he promised it would be destroyed – there will be more terror to come. For once the so-called caliphate becomes “crushed,” many militants from Western nations will flow from the area and create new security threats, he said.
“There will be a terrorist diaspora sometime in the next two to five years like we’ve never seen before,” Mr. Comey ( said.
Like. We’ve. Never. Seen. Before.
His warning comes on the heels of bombings in New York and New Jersey by a radicalized jiadist, and a separate stabbing attack at a Minnesota mall. Within one year, Islamic terrorists have killed 63 people on U.S. soil alone.

Jim in CT
11-30-2016, 10:57 AM
Agreed, John. Unfortunately, the bad guys don't wear signs. How do you vet a guy from a mountaintop village that has no computers, and therefore no electronic records?

And how do you reflect on the Ohio State attack, and not conclude that Trump has a point? I'm not saying we abandon the refugees to be slaughtered. Let's work with other nations to make it safe for them to build lives for themselves in the Middle East. Don't ask me how you do that. But the answer isn't to open our doors and let huge numbers of them come here. This kid did well here, got himself into a fine university. Didn't stop him from hating us enough to want to kill us.

12-01-2016, 12:01 PM
When the majority of your refugees are military aged males, then yeah there might be a problem......