View Full Version : 2016 Deer season

12-25-2016, 12:21 PM
Deer sightings seem to be down for me but that said I am having a great year. First I took a single spike buck during the second week of archery with a double lung shot and my new Expedition Exception Bow. He dressed at 124lbs, perfect eating size. The next saturday I arrowed a doe an hour before last light. I tucked the arrow in behind her shoulder hard quartering away at 26 yards and it passed out of her chest, she bulldozed her way for 60 yards and piled up. With the extreme angle we were sure it was a heart shot. When we dressed her out we were surprised to see double lung again. I did't get any pics with her because we didn't recover her till after shooting time was over and it was too dark. Thanksgiving morning my daughter wanted to go hunting, so I gave her a choice, sit in a deer stand or walk the pheasant fields. She chose the latter. We went with my friends and their kids. No birds were taken but we had a great time reminiscing about my friends and their dad Bruno who passed away a year ago July. My first hunt this year with the black powder, and I tagged out on bucks. Got an 8 point early in the am. first time I ever took two bucks in one year, and first time I ever took more than two deer. Heart shot him at 60 yards, through the chest from a treestand. thank god for lite snow on the ground as there was no blood trail. Followed his tracks and found him piled up 80 yard or so down hill. The only blood on the ground was where he was piled up. All of the venison from the first deer is gone, and I have half of the second and now a third one in the freezer. I am not done, I still have two doe tags for my primary zone left and 2 more days I can hunt. I hope we get some more snow for next Saturday.