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Got Stripers
12-30-2016, 02:01 PM
I'm not a gun guy, can anyone help me with the value, trying to help the girlfriend unload a couple reminders of her X. I think the Roger is probably more valuable, seems that I find a few going online for $25-$35, but I'm clueless. Markings on Roger made in Italy CAT1947, L60163 and the other is a Marksman Repeater BB 4.5 MM/.177 cal.

Make me an offer.

12-31-2016, 09:54 AM
Most people who have and dont want those give them away. I do not want them, and not trying to be a wise ass

Got Stripers
12-31-2016, 01:15 PM
I know the repeater probably isn't worth squat, but I saw the other go on a gun auction site for a high $35 bid, so I was wondering if it were more collectible. Put them up on Craigs List for $25 and within twenty minutes, I have two interested, so I think that Italian pistol is worth some money.

12-31-2016, 07:31 PM
Please,If a moron parent buys this for their kid to play in the back yard then he rides around town showing his friends.....Too scary real looking to me for a BB pistol. My town had a buy back program and for two air rifles I got a gift cert for 50.00 to my local market.Sorry I just had to say.

12-31-2016, 07:56 PM
dude, the bottom one is the one that clark griswold bought in national lampoon vacation to get the roller coasters turned on. That gun gets things done.

12-31-2016, 07:56 PM
where are these? (state)

12-31-2016, 09:19 PM
Bobby .I thought you were gonna make the girlfriend history .....ya still have a few hours for 2016 .

BTW holdover fishing is non -extent [right] around here ><>

Got Stripers
01-04-2017, 04:15 PM
Mike I'm hanging in rough patch like any relationship, but I thought it best to sell all the hardare she owned😉. Put on Craig's list and had a half dozen looked to buy that Roger , so it's gone.
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