View Full Version : Surf Rods for Sale

01-16-2017, 03:58 PM
Got some surf rods for sale

I'll be at the CSA demo day in the 28th for pick up or can meet up CT to Canal.

1. Shimano tirajelo 10'6" 1-3.5oz, 2 piece, used maybe 3 times. 10/10 condition $150

2. Mudhole 10' 1 piece, black and gold wraps, rated 1-4oz all Fuji k frames and reel seat, x flock butt and foregrip built by cms, used 2-3 times, $250 action is similar to gsb 1201L but not as whippy.

3. Century 1329 conventional, built by Ryan White, 2 piece, rated 4-10, titanium Fuji guides, Fuji seat. Awesome rod for jigging and chunking $250 used 6-10 times

4. Century 1328, black and red x flock butt and foregrip, reel seat is 24.5" to center, black guide wraps, Fuji k frames, Fuji reel seat, 2 piece, this is one of the original rods, served me well, used for 2 seasons and stored since. $250

Can get some pics and more info if needed