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02-01-2017, 10:27 AM
I am researching getting one of these but not sure if it is feasible.
I read that the new washing machines pulse and cause the water heater to try to cycle too fast and don't warm the water, sounds strange but I understand, and there should be no need for an added tank to fix this issue, maybe a small expansion tank of sorts. Has anyone heard of this?

I was looking at Rheem, they have 2 models a 9.5 gpm and a 8.4 gpm. The bigger is $500 more. I have 4 people, 2 baths, the normal dishwasher, washing machine and not usually running 2 showers at a time but does happen. Also a large bathtub jaccuzi that does not get used enough.

I now have 2 water heaters 40 gallon gas in series and never run out of hot water. One has developed a leak so I shut that one down and turned up the heat a little on the remaining one. 11 years on 9 year heaters so it's time to swap out or go with more efficiency.
I like the idea of direct venting because that can eliminate a chimney that is only used now for the water heaters.

Anyone familiar with these?

I found one that has a recirculating pump of some kind

this might work

02-01-2017, 11:47 AM
Bruce, reach out to Bobby (5/0). He's knowledgable about that stuff.
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