View Full Version : Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch

Jim in CT
04-03-2017, 11:23 AM
This is going to be fascinating political theater this week.

Both parties have been involved in partisan bickering over appointments to the court, which is vitally important and very significant.

Lots of hypocrisy on both sides. The Democrats invented the idea of voting against qualified judges for political reasons (Biden led the charge against Justice Bork). Now they are doing it again.

Harry Reid was the one who changed the Senate rules, decreeing that instead of the customary 60 vote requirement, that only 51 votes were needed. Reid was warned this could one day be used against Democrats, but he didn't care. Well, what's good for the goose.

Finally, Gorsuch is obviously qualified. The Democrats claim to not like that he doesn't rule "for the little guy". Again, these people need to take high school civics. Judges are not advocates for the underdog. Judges are supposed to abide by the law, regardless of which side might be more sympathetic. Why do these liberals think that every courthouse has a statue of Lady Justice who is blindfolded. What do they think the purpose of the blindfold is?

The GOP didn't prevent the maniac Sonya Sotomayor (who said female Latinas make better judges than white men) from getting confirmed. Well, as Obama likes to say (at least he used to like to say it), "elections have consequences".

If the Democrats want to (yet again) filibuster a nomination purely for political reasons, then McConnell damn well better follow the lead of Harry Reid and use the "nuclear option". The Dems have zero right to complain here. Zip.

The GOP did block Obama's nominee to replace Scalia. But again, it was Senators Biden and Schumer who previously said very explicitly, that Presidents at the end of their administrations, should not be allowed to make appointments to the Supreme Court.

No limits to their hypocrisy. None.

I really hope McConnell shows the fortitude to do what Reid did a few years ago. I think he will.

And if the Dems don't want to play ball here (where Trump is replacing one conservative with another, it results in no change to the makeup of the court), they won't like what Trump does if he gets the chance to replace Ginsburg. She really should have resigned when Obama could have replaced her with someone similarly liberal (like Fidel Castro, perhaps). If she steps down on Trump's watch, that's yuuuge.