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06-11-2017, 07:19 PM
Yet another trip to Cuttyhunk in the books.....

Group of seven, our smallest since the inaugural trip in 2002. Great time, cool temps, some big seas and SW wind on Friday night. Reports from Tagger's group the previous week had us anticipating great numbers. But catching just wasn't to be. Bernie had a couple schoolies on Friday and the Huddy's had twenty or so up to 30" between them in a short window on Saturday night. So a lot of casting. Not a whiff of that smell when fish are there though.
Despite the lower numbers, in both participants and fish caught, it was probably the most relaxing trip of them all. Seems a lot of us needed to get their batteries recharged from life even more than we needed fish. And that was accomplished. It is hard to relate how nice it is there on the porch, with the Club to ourselves, gear spread out, always someone to go out with to fish with or just talk about life's challenges and the state of the world. It has truly been a special place for me.

Someday I will try to total up a list of how many came on this trip over the years, but I am sure it numbers over 100. The first trip was at the invitation of GBOUTDOORS in 2002, and we had a June trip and a September trip that year. We stayed at Greg's family house and those were some memorable times that I truly treasure among my memories, despite the razzing from Clammer about how many changes of clothes I brought.... By 2005, I was interested in going back and began to organize what turned into a yearly trip in June, where I reserved, and usually filled, the entire Cuttyhunk Fishing Club. Experience was our teacher and I moved the dates of the trip to be just before the restaurant opened for the season, so that we would have not only the run of the kitchen, but the entire porch as our place to assemble.... Occasionally we added a fall trip, but the numbers were not there to keep that going. The Club and staff, especially Bonnie made it even better and are now counted among many as friends. Of the two ferry options, we seemed to prefer John Paul on the Sea Horse, if only because we could set the schedule to accommodate our needs. The trips were as close to being back in a fraternity as it gets, and true friendships made were cemented over a single weekend. In my world, that just does not happen in the other circles I walk in, be it work, community or other pastimes. This was just something really cool among fishermen. And boy, were there some stories from those trips....

However, this trip marked the end of an era. And we had a good, no great run. The past two years have not been able to get the minimum numbers that the "lawyers" now overseeing much of the Club's operation, require. So I, we, S-B, no longer have the weekend penciled in and reserved for next year. And it is already taken and booked. I thank all who participated and hope to go on other adventures to new places to fish with you in the future. I enjoyed doing this and it was fun.

06-11-2017, 07:46 PM
Ross: A big thanks for all the organizing you have done over the years. I went on three trips and have some great memories from each one. It was a great run in my opinion. Tight lines..

Sea Dangles
06-11-2017, 09:00 PM
Great write up Ross. That porch is probably what heaven is like.
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fish raptor
06-11-2017, 10:36 PM
It was a super trip..... the second for me.

Weather was absolutely "night fish" had was a tad windy with pretty large breakers but that was just god testing our resolve.

Food was delish as usual..... and the company could not have been better.

To say the event was "relaxing" would be a terrible understatement.

Cutty can be oh so humbling in many ways.... a small step backwards in time....

No sirens, no whistles, no beeping horns, no screaming or yelling. Pretty much all you heard was a few golf carts, the flapping of the flag in the breeze and the crashing of the waves, a few gulls and geese and that's it.

Times like this are very special and you'll remember for a long long time.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...... so I thought I'd add two thousand.

One pic is of my friend and fine fisherman Steve Usavich. Like we said, it was very relaxing time as this beautiful picture depicts. This one belongs on a magazine.

The other picture is of a rock, but not just any rock. There are a few of them on the island. This one happens to be jumbo in size. That is a 13' surf rod leaning against it.

I look forward to enjoying that humbling feeling again in the future.

06-12-2017, 06:29 AM
In the times i went there... It ALWAYS sucked (the catching NOT the other stuff) after a week of good reports.

06-12-2017, 06:41 AM
Always a great time w/the SB crew regardless how the fishing is.

06-12-2017, 06:47 AM
Thank you Ross. Place is special, our trips are special.

06-12-2017, 08:52 AM
Thanks again Ross
Yes it was a good time, too much food as usual, the company was great.
One of the only times I have been skunked there but at least I did have one hit on a pencil first day so there was a chance at catching. Very relaxing weekend, sure beats yard work.

Great picture Bernie

here is a shot I took

the other won't upload

06-12-2017, 08:59 AM
Great trip once again! Very different "vibe" this year, but very nice indeed. We pretty much had the island. Saw to others fishing the entire weekend and we covered the entire island. Feeling it today.

Evan and I had a very fun and relaxing time. Found a mess of school fish to play with Saturday night, up to about 30 inches and for about two hours or so.

Thank you very much Ross for all the years putting this together.

p.s. Some of us may not be willing to say die. More to come in a separate thread most likely.

06-12-2017, 09:05 AM
separate thread is up on the Cutty board for those interested.

06-12-2017, 10:02 AM
Sorry you didn't find the cows, but what is that cheesy saying? " Its the journey, not the destination". Cuttyhunk is a dear place to me and any opportunity to be out there is magic. I regret never joining one of these trips, but early June is always a highly hectic time at my studio and I am always up to my elbows in filling orders.

06-12-2017, 12:10 PM

06-12-2017, 04:24 PM
Yes, thanks Ross.
I was very sorry I didn't make it this year, been going since '08(9?). Prior commitments and work made it very tight, tried to dash for it Friday afternoon but got caught in traffic and missed the ferry. Had a phone call from work waiting when I got back so wasn't able to do Sat either.
I always had a great time, never got skunked and very much enjoyed meeting all the guys over the years. A very peaceful place. Sad to see the trip being shelved.
But I am subscribed to the Never say Die thread......

chris L
06-12-2017, 08:28 PM
I want to thank You for asking me and Greg for allowing me to tag along to the island . Wish I could have done it more but I did want others to experience the island for themselves also . I had a great time every time I went . I made life long friends on those trips and am thankful that i had the opportunity .

I will fish any where with you Ross . What do you do with your clothes after you wear them after that one time ?

I know it was a lot of work and we all appreciate it
Thanks Ross

06-12-2017, 09:12 PM
Ross I want to thank you for putting this together all these years, I loved going early on, and that time I was laid off and you made sure I could go even tho money was real tight for us that year, I sure miss going and the friends I made oh and the coffee. I've made some of the best life long friends from this site like you said this just doesn't happen in everyday life

06-12-2017, 09:32 PM
Well, everyone said what I wanted to say, and Bernie even managed to post the pic I was going post (thanks Bernie)!!
The trip was Amazing to say the least, Thanks Ross and to All who helped organize this.
Yes the fishing could have been better, but the comraderie on the porch and at the dinner table was excellent.
I learned a lot of an area I probably couldn't have went to by myself.
Ron "Striper Maniac" was a wealth of information , I picked his brain on how he makes and drills his lures, I got the opportunity to try some "high end " fishing rods and set-ups(yup, I'm buying a Century Slingshot soon) and so much more.
I got a #^&#^&#^&#^& ton of pictures of the island, most of which I wont share with Bernie so he can post them before I do !!
I gotta say that was the Toughest area I've Ever fished as far as terrain,
holy cow that shore line beat me up by the hour, but I kept at it, thanking God for the opportunity to be there with friends.
So.. maybe there will be a next time, I sure do hope so, I'll be there, that's a fact !!!

06-13-2017, 12:57 PM
rOss clothing aside ><>LOL;

The trips were experiences I,ll never forget .................. even the two trips I took the boat .the 1st trip just about made catching at night a sure thing . the 2nd a long #^&#^&#^&#^& tow home .
The Cutty club was awesome . right tattoo Bob }
But for me the two at Greg,s place were super special ..I was dealing with some personal issues both times ..........yes, the ferry ride sucks .......... But I didn,t give a #^&#^&#^&#^& if I caught a fish or even fished .... the friends I made on those two trips were & are actually friends / not acquances [sp]
Cutty is a place like no other .But to me the times we had .......can never matched .><>

Sea Dangles
06-13-2017, 01:27 PM
Good work Clammer
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06-13-2017, 03:29 PM
Thanks much Ross. Even with slow catching fishing was great. The wind crankin in at the SW end made it a sweet spot. Hard conditions just no one home LOL. It ate a Gibbs darter and one of my Chubby Needles. Was a great time as always. Hope we can do it again as it was a great time.

06-13-2017, 03:45 PM
If you've been fortunate enough to sit here and discuss anything with friends ,then you know.

06-13-2017, 04:09 PM
snakes in a tub

06-13-2017, 04:40 PM
Yeah, I remember having to explain three dozen eels in the Shell Room's tub early on..... The young college girl cleaning the room and putting in clean towels had freaked out. I know for a fact we weren't the first to do that. But I was always nervous that someone would pull the stopper.

06-13-2017, 09:04 PM
Ahh yes , the fondest memories usually include the unsuspecting victims.
I came off of Churches Beach around 12 AM. and startled the crap out of a couple taking a midnight walk with their little dog. The dog started barking like crazy at me , I think it took a moment for them to realize I wasn't a threat. I must have looked like a monster coming off the beach in all my surf gear !!

06-14-2017, 07:34 AM
.....rOss clothing aside ><>LOL;

The trips were experiences I,ll never forget ....

I still remember the night you and I fished the channel under the star-lit skies, listening to fireworks and yuppies zipping around in their was so romantic, we even took turns holding each other's rod, heck we even fished a little.......:lm:

Great times for sure

06-14-2017, 12:07 PM
Yep, Gilly just like the other day .that,s why I still love you

chris L
06-14-2017, 05:55 PM
well I am glad to see youse guys are still holding each others rods after all these years . Love conquers all !

06-16-2017, 08:41 AM
I miss that place...

06-16-2017, 12:13 PM
I miss that couple in the glass house.......