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07-09-2017, 04:11 PM
Did a quick trip to the windy city with my son to see his twin sister/my daughter, who has been there a year, flying for American as a flight attendant. Flying benefits on stand by are nice. Got delayed last night but still got first class seats coming home, landing at 0130.
The city grew on me. She is in an artsy community called Logan Square. The subway is literally steps from her gated back entry. People in the buildings appeared as normal, professionals even if the rear alley side had a tenement feel to it. Apartment is nothing special, but all a 24 yo needs and is a studio. Parking on the street and she rarely uses her car. The people were really nice throughout our visit. Yes, I was wearing a Red Sox cap and my son was in Red Sox jersey, Bruins T, or Brady jersey, so it was easy to have conversation with sports minded folks. And they all thought of Boston as their sister city, which I found interesting. Cubs shirts and hats everywhere. Hardly any Bears, Bulls or Blackhawk gear, and zero Whit Sox gear.

The waterfront was really nice. I really had to question what I had done wrong when my son asked if that was the ocean..... ahhh no. That's Lake Michigan, as in one of the Great Lakes, I replied. That's too big to be a lake he replies.....:smash::smash::smash:

Taste of Chicago was going on which is a huge street festival of food and music, and art. Pigged out, walked about 9 miles by the time we got back to the Hyatt downtown, which I got so we could get a full afternoon and evening in on Friday. People watching was incredible, as temperatures were ideal. The boy had his head on a swivel.... Maybe I am old fashioned, and I mean no negative connotations, but I have never seen so much ink on people. Especially the women. Huge turnout and plenty of police presence. We all took turns pointing out the outrageous outfits that would occasionally appear in the crowd. Some pulled pork sliders were my favorite, but we tasted a lot of different dishes. Just ran out of room....

The state is bankrupt. Where the festival was, the waterfront and downtown were all well kept. Outside of those areas, there has been little to no attention, maintenance, or cutting done since winter. Still, I liked what I saw. Even had to remind myself this was Obama's city... Soldier Field was cool, as was the Bean. Veterans Warrior Games were going on too. Some spectacular architecture on the older downtown building. And the beef is definitely better out there.

Flight home was an eye opener due to the full moon. It was late so moon was high. We had row 5 (the kid liked first class...) and were on starboard side. Moonlight reflections off the Great Lakes were superb, not a cloud as we cruised at 32000. But what really caught me was how many little ponds and lakes there are across the whole country. Whenever the reflection hit a still surface it lit up as if watching a WW2 bombing film. And it was constantly lighting up in just the little strip I could see along our flight path. There is a TON of fresh water possibilities out there!!!!!

So, I had a great time hanging with my kids. Seeing twins together with whatever that bond they have with each other is pretty cool. Having just them to myself for some "life" talks, while challenging, is just the next chapter in how to best prepare your kids. Or as I sometimes see it, How can you not know this #^&#^&#^&#^&?????

My girl will probably put in for a transfer within the next nine months to either LAX or BOS, the latter to help her save money. So selfishly I am relieved that I haven't lost her to Chicago, which I always thought was a strong possibility. She has that job figured out and can now implement her business plan for marketing her artwork.

So, I would give the city consideration for a visit if you haven't been there.

07-09-2017, 06:50 PM
glad ya had A good time .

But I can see were your son would ask if the lake was [the ocean] I had never seen a lake that big before either .

I was there for a 5 day class on a new accounting system that was being automated by the company I worked for .........................I quit when I was 36 Y/O so it was along time ago that would put me back to a time I was a active drunk ............. I know we were allowed $500.00 a piece for all meals & other stuff .
Rooms, all travel , etc was covered .
I brought another 500.00 for my [expenses] ................................... well long story short //////////////didn,t learn much in the class when I even got there ........... But the windy city was a amazing place to me ..had a great time **** I never saw or was in so many [BLUES] joints in my life .it was like the corner bars I grew up with ,but with great music ..:gu::gu:

07-09-2017, 07:05 PM
Happy for ya Ross, sounds like you had a great time with the kids...

Free flights? Think of the fishing possibility .... :-)
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07-09-2017, 07:20 PM
At this moment I think they were debating whether there could be sharks in a lake that big......

Ray, the benefits are a hidden gem of the industry. Taxes for each of our tickets comes out of her paycheck so have to keep her whole... She designated her brother as travel companion so he gets rank over me as parent.... I have flown twice since she was hired. this trip and one way to Roanoke to pick up a car I had rebuilt for me

Sea Dangles
07-09-2017, 08:25 PM
Great zoo,steaks and music
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