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08-06-2017, 06:52 AM
I installed this thick and rugged rubber keel guard on my boat to protect the lower bow and keel from impact situations. Well on Friday it proved itself to be worthy.

My older brother had been asking to go fishing with me. While I was building the boat he was very helpful and even bought my GPS unit for me when my budget was shot, so to show my gratitude I invited him to join me.

He loves taking the helm and that gave me more time to concentrate on just fishing. So when I asked if he could get in closer to the rocks I wanted to fish he said "Sure". The current was running strong and I told him that I thought we were getting a little too close. He said "I got this".

Later while I was looking down to tie on a different lure, we made impact and now we were actually hung up on the damm rocks I asked him to stay back from. He was distracted somehow. He looked shocked and was apologizing when I asked him to get the boat out of gear.

I had to step out onto the rocks and push us off and jump back in.
I could see the point of impact on the keel guard with barnacles and green moss jammed into it. Not a scratch anywhere else.

Later on when I wanted to head to another location, he said he was feeling seasick, so had to cut short the trip.

I see more solo trips in the future.:rolleyes:

Sea Dangles
08-06-2017, 08:48 AM
Brothers before boats
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08-06-2017, 09:25 AM
Brothers before boats
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Yeah you're right....I told him right away there was no damage and not to worry. I laughed it off really..told him that I put the guard on there for when I would screw up myself. I'll take him out again another time. I am starting to realize though, that I need to go alone to really do some more serious fishing. Seems no one can get up early, go out on short notice, stay out without having to be back early, not get sick, have their own tackle etc.