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Rmarsh 03-20-2020 05:35 AM

Hot Melt Glue
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Great stuff......i like it because it sets real quick. I got a little careless and paid the price. Thing is, besides being very hot sticks.:lm:
The blister grew for a while then popped.....

Guppy 03-20-2020 06:21 AM

Hope you’re a righty

Rmarsh 03-22-2020 09:06 AM

Yeah Gup...I am right handed.... but the arthritis in my left hand... "The Clamp" is way worse, and a good carpenter needs to be ambidextrous. Recently been having trouble holding material down for cuts on the compound miter saw.
Over a period of 47 years as a carpenter, using power tools everyday, I've had mostly minor injuries. Most of the injuries that i've witnessed have been do to careless use of a nail gun....seen it happen way to many times. It's not a pretty sight to see a 16d nail imbedded in a coworkers hand. Worst injury for me was a staging collapse that put me in the hospital for three weeks with multiple injuries...I was only 18 years old.

Guppy 03-22-2020 02:44 PM

Nail gun mishaps,,,,, endless...

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