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bassmaster 06-16-2004 08:38 PM

Well its that time of Year
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when I revamp My plug bag and add needle fish to it.
I have this green Pike I have to leave in the bag cause its been working good and I left a blue silver danny and a pearl white danny. and a custom Yellow and swimmer in there.
along with My Rubber and castmasters and Tinman tins
Bombers of alot of colors and some Yozurie mag darters the one in green back and the blue back.
some bombers I have in My bag are from the 80's and come right outa the box But they do make a difference.
This is the week I go to needles.
have another bag with poppers and dont forget the smallest creek chub popper. this is a killer plug for those days when the bass are boiling 2 feet of the shore and are big and wont eat nothing:D
xouple surfsters, a bearnzy Pogie and one of my own both 3 or 4" long for those days when the Nuts hit the sand.
My large bag is loaded with all kinds of stuff when working outa the truck on the sand. from mabos to Megas
and that Mark sosin plug in green with purpley head is a good plug.
I over stuff and love My rubba from gs and have a few wild eyes along with some sluggo's
I will start out with a Hard plastic
Bombers, Yozuri, and Mega's ect....
Well You can cast and reel them in Yes....
But If you toss it out and reel fast then stop and then retrieve You may get slammed By a Bass.
REASON , once that plug Hits the water , If there is a Bss with in 20 feet of it there on top of it, And if its just sittin there. They MAY NOT TAKE IT...
Once You start Your retrieve. Jig the plug.
It makes noise and imparts action to the plug.
Allso..... reel fast then stop twitch and start again.... Make the most out of the cast. You will notice Better Numbers of Bass taken...
A few ways I reel are , As I reel' I drop the rod 2" and reel at the same time. It gives the plug action and gets the rattle thing going...
A steady retrieve with a snap in the rod By about 8" Usually works good to.

If Your Plugging and some one is hooking up on eels. Do this.....
Toss it out and let it sit in current then reel slow as to keep the Bomber ,ect. near the top and Give it that slow wiggle...
( I would go to Rubber or needle) But this is about Bombers
also , If You drop Your rod tip down to the sand and side sweep The rod, It gets the plug to dig a little deeper and that little pause and as You reel foward to sweep again, gives a different retrieve speed
Some times I will Toss out a bomber and shake the rod Barely Keeping tension on the Line. then reel and change up...
If You get a hit or Bump. reel fast for 1 or 2 feet and then twitch as You reel in...
And when that plug is in the last curl on the surf Dont Yank it out.. You may get slammed there......
A needle is a basic lure, It makes a wake.
But there are times when You have to use a needle different, As in Heavy water You would want a large needle the pushes water,
A fast sinker, it will come up top in moving water....
some times the bass will want them sub surface to, with a twitch here and there...
for Now for the most Part let Yac about needles in regular surf conditions...
A stubby is a great one to work just under the water and on top..
One thing I do is either add a porkrind to the tail hook(Hi Slip) to give it action..
Or You can add a colorado blade th the end with a ball bearing swivel. Was Killer last Year. (I need to Make More,But now Im tossing needles with a prop on the front and they are hookin Me up)
There are 3 types of needles Ya should have.
One that plunks down in water and floats.
This is good for calm water...
One that sinks, fow windy and heavy water and when the bass wont hit on top...
and one that is weighted to verticle float
(for gettin it out there)
Its also good for the twitch and doubles as a pencle popper at dusk
For colors Black is tops and Ya cant loose on that color...
then from there You can go to colors say a Yellow In say a bay or in Half Moon building, Heck even in the new Moon, What do I know..........
Black and purple is killer here and a white or a silver black back is awsome....
Black and pink is awsome to.
You Guys should know by now I turn My own wood, so If I blab sorry..
the white stubby is a good sand eel imitation as is the larger needle....
A good size for a needle is from the stubby to 10" at times, for the most part I would say 8 or 9" is the Magic Numbah...
In slow water Your sinking needle will have to be retrieved faster, But May get You more strikes, If not then jump to a slow sinker or floater and reel slow and twitch here and there.
after the Hit.... reel 2 or 3 feet fast, then slow it down again, find out how they want it. Most times You will nail the Bass this way or on the next cast.
When You feel weight set the hook.....
some nights they will come up behind plug and hit it, Most hits come that way, Hence "The Bump"
when they Hit from the side its usually always a set fish.
I run needles with a treble in the rear of the plug. and when its Stupid out there I run with a siwash in the back.
Dark green was an awsome color, Forest green rustolium ,,,
Just a change in color will put out.
and dont forget Parrot on the new moon and on the full moon.
so Get say 3 to 5 Big needles and the same on the stubbie's and cycle through them.
Note If You are tossin plastic and they Hit it slow, Jump to a needle and they should go right at it and go up in size...
For working Dannys , I work those on top,
I like them during the daytime, My colors are yellow , white, Blue and silver.
in the sun along with other colors But those 3 are the ones to use in the sun
for overcast I like blue silver black gold silver olive gold and other shades of green and purple backs along with Mack plugs black and purple some times to.
I work the dannys in all types of water as long as it holds its good.
work them on top and a short rip or twitch my induce a strike.
You must have disiplin (did Isplell that right) to not rip the plug when a fish it boiling on the back , just keep it going and a millisecond pause real fast pause may make the bass explode on it.
You will have to find out how the bass wants it, so try other retrieves.
I like My dannys to swim like making an S in the water, But most the time I have them wabble in the water and impart a little action.
for wood under water I work it slow at 1st then I start working the wood with short pumps of the rod or I will pause the lure slightly and work the lure with a faster or slower retrieve.
You got to work the plug in the current as in if its pulling the lure let the lure swing in the current and twitch it.
along with waves You will find the lure will be sucked and then it will want to surf in even though its under water.
To work poppers
I use alot of differnt ways I will work a pencle as slow as possible Yet with the most side to side action.
I will change up how I retrive it to with some short rips and vary the style of working the lure.
More later gots to go now
ever see some one swimming doing the breat stroke
well I got my hands on a surf howdy from Bernzy
We in a swap I tuned that thing to do that and when I want a side to side action I just swap out How i work the plug with tight 2" snaps with My rod .I can make it dart and skitter left then right.
any way point is a popper can be tuned to.
I like polaris type poppers and I made some jointed knuckle head poppers for My stash I like to chug chug pause chug chug short rip and maybe I will try to hold the plug in place and work it like a pencle.
I can do that with the large polaris popper
for colors I like pearl white , Yellow with a red head, Blue mack.
I use to do this in the early to late 90's
My buddy reminded Me of it monday during a interview with OTW and I found the plug hanging trashed.
The plug is a pink bomber, I would Buy them new and rip the lip off of the bomber.
I would paint Yellow right over the pink, the more the fish Hit the better it works.
I guess its when the plug starts to let the pink through.
any way You take the split ring off and twist the eye on the plug Horizontal and tune from there. some plugs You may not have to do that to.
But i would work that thing like a maniac.
I guess thats why I like Bernzys plug. its reminds Me of this thing I came up with.
see sand eels are the prodominant Bait (another Big word for me )
so thats where I came up with that from
and it works very well.
This will be the only thing that will put out when other plugs wont, so You will be the only Bum hooking up in a line up.
You can burn the plug and stop twitch as with any other top water plug.
again ,vary You retrieve to get them to Hit.
But they will want that bomber popper with the walkin the dawg action. Trust Me on that
for plastic swimmers as in Bombers and Mega baits
YoBubbaH's why dont He say Yozurie, Must be a BM thing and mambos and rebels all have there place.
This is an art all on to its self.
any way, start out By casting ,lets say a 6"bombercrank the line as fas as You can when it hits the water to take out the slack
Reason; is there may be a bass zoning in on it But will turn from it. ( how many times You have a plug explode as soon as it Hits the water)
Do a steady retrieve straight in.
Now You do this for a few casts then You start cycleing through retrieve patterns.
as in short pumps and a fast and then slow retrieve and pauses and just shaking the rod to impart action on the lure.
I mostly to short 3" pumps and then a steady retrive then back to that.
I will do a set of casts and then do a dead drift with the plug and a super slow retrive and impart action on those type of casts.
Then and only Then will I swap out plug color of the same type plug.
And I start the cycle all over.
This is a slow cycle of plugging.
You can fast cycle By doing the retieve straight in and 1 or 2 methods to find what the Bass want
in other words 5 Min a plug and move on.
once You get Time in on the water, You will zone faster.
when tossing to sand bars or rips.
If the Bar is parallel , toss over the bar and work the plug, You can drop Your rod and sweep the plug like a sand ell darting. when You Hit the back side of the Bar. thats the side On Your side Your looking at, and if there is current to hold the plug , hold the plug in the rip there and twitch the plug. most times they will Hit it while You do that or just as You pull the plug out of the current.
( note You may want to swap out split rings and hooks) these things My Buds and I have taken bass up to Mid 40lb and beyond (the ones that got away)
I wish Bombers came with vmc hooks
cast masters and tins
I like these along with hopkins when I need to get way out usually out infront of a guzzle (rip Current)
I start By getting tight on the Tin and do a steady retrieve.
then after a few casts I drop the rod and pump the tin and reel My rod foward and do this agian
I like the side pump cause I can get mor of a rip/pump out of it. But I Pump the rod normal to.
Castmasters at night work awsome and in snot at night to. ( I have taken bass over 40lbs at night on these things so dont even think its a day time lure. NOT!
ever feel the action on a cast master. awsome vibrations
I like them from the small ones all the way up to 4 oz.
I like the oves with bucktail on the tail and I like the ones with the peel Me Blue paint on half of it.
Put a Big split on that If You dont have one on there. Those thinks Kills snap quicker than chit.
deadly dicks are more sand eel like and I work those as above.
One Lure I love to use and get a jillion fish on is a lead head and ledge runner 6" rubbaH and 6" sluggo's in all flavors. But if You look in my bag You will see.
pearl white
sand eel
and a few other colors
I take pearl white and toss them into a Bag of pink and let them bleed, That a trick from Me to You
I like 1oz and 3/4 oz lead heads and I use slow set suer glue as not to burn the rubber like the fast set glues do
I work these unweighted accross the top imparting a twitching motion or I work them like a pencle popper.
I take a penny weight and I add a snap to it and snap it on to My spro swivel(a trick I came up with and to facilitate fast swap out to plugs)
then I take a unweighted sluggo or alrger gs rubbaH and work it on the bottom dragging it.
This really pisses the bass off when there on them sand eels
I do short jerks with the rod for action, some times slow steady retrive will killem to.
As for the lead heads see How I work bombers above. some times I pump hard and reel slow down keeping tight to the plug Yet Not hindering the action of the lure.
and some times i let there be slack in the line.
they will belt it on the drop 80% of the time or just as You go to pump the rod agian.
I will also toss 13" rubber I work it on top and cycle that with needles that and the 9" GS rubber also

justplugit 06-16-2004 08:45 PM

Holy #^%$ Batman ,somebody must have slipped BM some sodium pentathol again:bounce:

bassmaster 06-16-2004 09:03 PM

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justplugit 06-16-2004 09:08 PM

My printers on fire!:shocked:

Backbeach Jake 06-16-2004 09:21 PM

Thank's again BM. I want that needle!

Crow 06-16-2004 09:48 PM

Did Old Man Tony consult on the paint job on those needles?;) They look great, but what bait fish do they imitate?:confused:

missing link 06-16-2004 09:59 PM

nice info - nice fish - nice plug :)

bud8fan 06-16-2004 10:45 PM

OK Dave?

Who was holding you down forcing all that great information out of you??

But seriously!! A mighty thanks is needed!!!:D

Way to go "Pants Man"

:happy: :happy:

TheSpecialist 06-16-2004 11:36 PM

Pics of the blue and silver danny, and green pikie please.

Joe 06-17-2004 03:13 AM

Great stuff there Dave...thanks..

CSK 06-17-2004 06:15 AM

I like your mini van:D

fishweewee 06-17-2004 06:42 AM

So, BM, would be curious to know under what circumstances you would use a floating needle vs. a sinker? Sinkers are more versatile, no?

John E 06-17-2004 07:15 AM



Another classic one for the archives. You da' man.

bassmaster 06-17-2004 09:03 AM


Originally posted by Crow
Did Old Man Tony consult on the paint job on those needles?;) They look great, but what bait fish do they imitate?:confused:
I should show some of the collection I have. That Guy made some serious stuff

bassmaster 06-17-2004 09:21 AM


Originally posted by fishweewee
So, BM, would be curious to know under what circumstances you would use a floating needle vs. a sinker? Sinkers are more versatile, no?
Yes a sinker is Bubba, But there are times when that floater in slow moving water will out produce anything.
Thats why I make Me own needles cause it gives Me an edge I can use to My advantage.
when You have a storm off shore and We get heavy surf.
a floater will fly right in to shore and a medium sinker will go slower But a heavy sinker will hold and put out and that May be the only time of Year it will or in heavy surf only.
I had a sandeel needle that sat all year in my bag and one night Mike Ya know Him Ben, (My best friend) We had 8' waves crashing right in front of us. The place has a steep drop off, well did last year.,.,
Any way 2 casts and 2 fish.
thats cause the lure could be punched out there and in fast water it held good (sinks like a Jig)
On a lure like that the counter weight was doubled to get the lure to ride right.
Ya gots to weight these things right if You want fish.
If it can cast a mile and go verticle in the water it aint gonna fly.
Oh Ya on them floaters they may want it almost dead drifted or super slow with minute action imparted.
And Yes color does matter I have a few plugs here that I make for My stash the same 2 colors But 1 night they will want the color that is the base coat only to have the next night the base coat is now the top coat/color on the other plug.
for You Guys out there this is all You need and I say this cause geting needles out of Me is like pulling teeth, I need to be cornerd like a wild animal:wall:
go out and Buy these, trust me I fish my ass off and know.
1) Gibbs needle fish in black and get the green back one to
2) Habs needle fish in olive and get the black and purple one
3) superstrike. I kile the transluc=sent green, lost mine a few years back and black and purple and the lime green one to
they have a ton of colors also
also Habs has other colors along with gibbs.
If You dont have faith in these lures then dont waste Your doe
they work

fishweewee 06-17-2004 09:24 AM

Thx bubba. I fish the heavy needles in deeper waters in Rhody (where water can drop off to 40 feet one step from the edge of a rock and currents are swift), so I usually reach for a Habs. Don't really get a chance to fish the lighter stuff unless I'm up on the Cape (which if late hasn't been much) where it's a bit shallower.

JPowers 06-17-2004 03:02 PM


Check in with your Agent!!!

I thought we talked about this. :spin:

bassmaster 06-17-2004 03:32 PM


Originally posted by JPowers

Check in with your Agent!!!

I thought we talked about this. :spin:

sorry Boss, You know I friggen love You and want to marry You in PTown............................................. ........:laughs:

JPowers 06-17-2004 03:44 PM

I'll ask my wife if it's ok with her.

BTW, I think she could beat the hell outta you. Tough cookie!

Bernzy 06-17-2004 03:53 PM

Great Info!!!!!!!


macojoe 06-17-2004 04:38 PM


My printers on fire!

Mine ran out of Ink!! :smash: Off to Staples

Thanks BM!!

Slipknot 06-17-2004 06:11 PM

Ya, what JPowers said:smash: :smash:

:btu: what a book you could write Dave, save this stuff and someday you could publish it. classic.

Oh, and don't forget to sharpen ya hooks! very important.

missing link 06-17-2004 06:24 PM

hey maco I'll copy," 2 " I might mail it to ya BASTAGE ,how's the Fluk'in, link JR will go out wit ya, you goin on sat to M& D'S?
OH ya didn't mean to HIJACK THE THREAD:smash: :laughs: :eek: :cool: later LINK SR.

Backbeach Jake 06-17-2004 07:34 PM

Another day in pluggin' class. Man' I don't know crap. Thanks ,Dave!

bassmaster 06-17-2004 10:47 PM


Originally posted by JPowers
I'll ask my wife if it's ok with her.

BTW, I think she could beat the hell outta you. Tough cookie!

JP any one can kick My ass:D
tonight I twinkie'd out
the other day I pulled down some plugs , I broke the lip off some bombers and belt sanded them smooth ,then I bent the eye as You would see on a danny so You can tune it.
I used these along long time ago around here.
anyway 90 sumtin the bass chow'd a chart back with a pink belly bomber.
well I took a can of paint it pearl and painted the plug over I pearled it out. so anyway I put this thing on after tongin about 10 very twinkish bass:D
it was mental I had to crush the barbs.
usually on the bombers. You should pull either the front hook and that will be You bomber for waiding or You should pull the Middle hook, most do.
replace with a 2/0 vmc up front and either a 2/0 or 1/0 in back
I use a 1/0 in back I dont want to slow down the action of the plug.
I had a Yozurie plug with an orange belly I pearl'd that out along with some A salt bombers.
This is trick I pearled a pearl bomber.
The Asalt bomber in wonderbread I guess. I just tone'd it down
If You Guys notice that when You are tossing say an all chrome with black back bomber, as the paint peels its a bone color under the paint.
Notice How that will kill bass messed up and a new one wont some times .
Its the bone color.
on other nights when Im tossing black and gold chrome if there is one speck of white the bass wont touch it.
another thing to do is I was testing the water with My plug to see if it was needle time. and I was hardly cranking on the lure at times ( I did throw a sexy BassMaster needle in eat Me Plueble )
any way You can drop Your rod and sweep jerk the plug drop the rod to Your side and jerk puase 3 times as You pull to the side.
why the side, this will give You alonger sweep to impart action and will make the bomber run a tad deep.
some times this will get You fish.
You can sweep the rod back and reel and move the rod towards the plug if You can follow My drift.

TheSpecialist 06-17-2004 11:01 PM

Dave you are scary. Where do you store all of this stuff...

bassmaster 06-17-2004 11:24 PM

I dont know and there is more.....
I could talk about live herring, But wont.
Bill You can swipe any of this stuff for the how to thingie
its just real time info
had schools of twinkies blowing By Me tonight.
I worked a tiolet bowl all to My self fan casting to the little widget fish.
I want to enter a smallest fish contest
that would Be pissaH.
bill make Your self a surfster 3" long and Bm'ish paint it blue pink and white.
when the nuts show........................:D

bassmaster 06-17-2004 11:26 PM

oh Ya on some fish thay would Bump the lure. I would drop the lure and snap the rod and chin hook them
takes a bit of getting use to But works well to bring up the numbers

new jack 06-18-2004 05:58 AM

i agree about the bone color on bombers. I've been painting bombers flat white for a while now, and think that they out perform the out of package color by a long shot.

justplugit 06-18-2004 01:45 PM

BM>Quote::i could talk about live herring but won't"

Dave,you got to save something for your book and video:humpty:
You are very unselfish for sharing all that you do!:thanks:

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