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Slipknot 01-31-2005 09:07 PM

American flag plug

FishingFreak does superb work :btu::happy:

just need to put hooks back on it now, but it wil never see water.
I made the body 3 years ago, 2 inches in diameter.

ROCFISH 01-31-2005 09:10 PM


Karl F 01-31-2005 09:20 PM

A Freakin' Slipknot!!!

Nice Large Flag.


NIB 01-31-2005 10:03 PM

WOW. i think the flag is my favorite freak job.

thefishingfreak 01-31-2005 11:47 PM

slip i'll make you some red, white and blue hooks.
you gotta hit nib up for one of his sweet stainless tail hooks though:rolleyes:

Slipknot 02-01-2005 06:58 AM

thanks Mike, Tony Appleseed won't mail me anything anymore :( I'll tie my own I guess.

NIB 02-01-2005 07:46 AM

I can do,i red white an blue

"Dude in the Hat"

Bronko 02-01-2005 08:46 AM

That thing is great. Nice work!!:D

reelecstasy 02-01-2005 09:03 AM

Freak Flags are my fav paint jobs...:cool:

Jigman 02-01-2005 09:36 AM

Nice paint :kewl:


Striperknight 02-01-2005 09:45 AM

:D Nice work!

mikecc 05-29-2017 10:40 AM

Nice collaboration

Clammer 05-29-2017 05:33 PM

S W E E T ><><

O.D. Mike 05-29-2017 06:44 PM

As always cool paint Mike!!!

Thx for sharing Slip!!!

thefishingfreak 06-01-2017 08:34 PM

12 years, thats half way to vintage :hee:
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