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Zeal 06-19-2017 03:42 PM

When do you guys say no?
Learned the hard way that over 10 knots and the peak of an outgoing tide spells danger in the bay for me here.

I'm assuming anything from 5-10 knots is alright with 1-3 foot waves. Anything stronger than that and I'm better off on a lake.

What about you guys? What conditions are the threshold?

danbrut 06-21-2017 05:52 AM

Geez, 3 foot waves would takeep the fun out of it for me. I might not be able to get off the beach if it is blowing g in. Sometimes, the forecast says 8 or 10 knots, you get all packed up, get there and it is too rough. Usually a judgement call when you get there.

BigFish 06-21-2017 09:18 AM

5-10mph is fine when it gets near 15mph thats where I draw the line! Its not fun getting blown around out there! Its supposed to be fun and I like to get home at the end of the day!

FishermanTim 06-22-2017 11:58 AM

Just heading out in decent winds and waves can be daunting enough, not even considering that a good fish will pull you with AND against the current and wind, creating a whole other scenario to deal with!

hq2 06-26-2017 05:05 PM

Usually anywhere from 10 to 12, depending on conditions (lee shore
or not). Over 15, never; can't paddle sideways, and the waves
are usually too high. Under 10, almost always, unless the forecast
calls for 2 foot waves or higher.

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