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Notaro 06-23-2003 11:20 PM

Hey guys, what is the first symptom of the flesh-eating bacteria? I got a big cut from the line and used a little torn out glacier glove for baitfishing for blues with mackerels. I am starting to feel some kind of a little imflamation and pain on my spleen, stomach, or internal organs. I'm starting to worry. Any suggestion?

fishaholic18 06-24-2003 04:42 AM

I think you better ask a doctor, we are all just fishermen here.:smash: :smash: :smash: :smash: :smash: :smash: :smash: :smash: :smash:

JohnR 06-24-2003 05:45 AM

The spleen is the giveaway... Usually when I have pain in my spleen I need to take a,... welll, not a nap...

Notaro - How would we know? See a doc if you are not a hypocondriac (sp?)

jugstah 06-24-2003 06:23 AM

Notaro- quick! visit a doctor!


You have what I call fishing-itis.. not enough fishing!!!

MountainBreeze 06-24-2003 06:40 AM

Better to be safe than sorry man!

See the Doc!

Sweetieface 06-24-2003 08:10 AM

Hey, anybody heard from Notaro since this???

jugstah 06-24-2003 08:33 AM

Sweetieface, I'll page him on his pager and see what he says.. if he needs a nurse, will you oblige???

:rolleyes: ;) :laughs:

Sweetieface 06-24-2003 08:36 AM

Sure, if you call a band-aid and Robitussin a cure, I'd be happy to help.

Mama didn't raise no fools, but she also didn't raise no Dr.'s!!

Oh, and lollipops are included in all of my medical services.....I'd be happy to steer him in the right direction of the penny-candy store down the street!

jugstah 06-24-2003 08:38 AM

Hehe... you're a riot... :D

Sweetieface 06-24-2003 08:38 AM

Hey, thanks! *shining my nails on my sleeve*
I do what I can.

jugstah 06-24-2003 08:40 AM

Are you as bored as I am at work?


Sweetieface 06-24-2003 08:44 AM

Nah. I've got stuff to do......
But I've got MSN Messenger set up, and everytime I get an email from SB, the little box pops up on my screen. Curiosity kills me, so I HAVE to open it and find out what it is....:beat:

yes, I am a model employee, I know.
Please, please, no applause.
I'd like to thank the Academy, my parents, .......
Thank you thank you, I'll be here all week, Try the veal!

(all this without the use of any caffeine, alcohol OR illegal substances. just plain insane)

schoolie monster 06-24-2003 09:21 AM

How do I know when I have pain in my spleen?

Sweetieface 06-24-2003 10:09 AM

yah, internal organs hanging out are pretty good indications of something more serious...

UserRemoved1 06-24-2003 12:50 PM

wow that can be reely nasty, isn't spleen pain a symptom of miocardiliobacteriotitis?

Sweetieface 06-24-2003 01:10 PM

Bless You.

Coming down with a cold there, Salty?

UserRemoved1 06-24-2003 01:13 PM

I think it's my pancreas?

Sweetieface 06-24-2003 01:14 PM

Sounds more like your liver to me.

jugstah 06-24-2003 01:21 PM

Got a reply from Notaro on his pager.. he said he shd be fine but he's seeing a doctor later today. Hopefully he'll be fine.

Now, I hope I'm fine. My work is having a big BBQ and i just ate enough food to feed an iraqi army. I just hope there's no food poisoning.

:laughs: :laughs:

Sweetieface 06-24-2003 01:24 PM

Glad he's ok.
LOL, Jugstah. Maybe a siesta is in order!

schoolie monster 06-24-2003 01:33 PM

How do I know if I have pain in my pancreas? I better dig up my notes from 9th grade biology so I can determine the origin of my pain.

UserRemoved1 06-24-2003 01:43 PM

basically if you've fished anywhere in saltwater this year you gonna have to go see a doc, gonna require major surgery I think?

jugstah 06-24-2003 01:46 PM

Sweetieface- more like a trip to the beach for some fishing is in order!

Sweetieface 06-24-2003 01:48 PM

Quite possibly a labotomy, trachiotomy, colostomy...

JohnR 06-24-2003 02:41 PM

$9000, for a Pancreas?

What movie (too easy).

Notaro - we hardly knew ya. If you are still alive, can you tell us how a bad spleen feels? Or Pancreas?


Notaro 06-24-2003 02:41 PM

I didn't say that I'm going to the doctor today. I might go tomorrow AM, but for the pete's sakes, no more weight scale. It belittles me...:(

JohnR- I don't know. But every time I try to breath or walk, it hurts. I know you guys hardly knew me, but I only asked since all of you have some more experiences than I do.

jugstah 06-24-2003 02:43 PM

Sweetieface, maybe a little love??? :-)

Sweetieface 06-24-2003 02:47 PM

Whats going on in this room???


I know you guys hardly knew me,
Is Notaro already planning his own demise???



Sweetieface, maybe a little love??? :-)
is Jugstah suffering from a fever with dellusional hallucinations???

Might be time to disinfect the room a bit *sweetieface opening windows*
I dont wanna get whatever the rest of'em got!

Notaro 06-24-2003 02:48 PM

I don't want to plan my demise. Hell no, I want to live.

I have no ideas about Jugstah, but he has a GF, right man?

JohnR 06-24-2003 02:51 PM

Notaro - if its flesh eating bacteria, waiting until tomorrow will probably cost one or two limbs - give or take an organ. If you go now, you might even be able to save the little guy. HOWEVER, in the slight chance that this is NOT the flesh eating bacteria, and yer SURE yer just not backed up - you still might want to go to the doctor today.

Whereas I'm not a doctor, I don't play one on TV either but if you feel sick, you might want to see someone that specializes in MEDICINE and not SMILIES :laughs: :happy: :smash: :wall: :as: :wave: :musc: :shocked: :tm: :uhoh: :rotf3:

I'm going to go out on a limb here and wager 5 bucks that it's NOT F.I.B. (Flesh Ingesting Bacterium)

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