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Crafty Angler 02-17-2009 09:22 AM

Eeee coooodeeeesh - where is that Joe guy...:huh:

He's gotta be getting ready for the show circuit, I guess and working on that new jig

Well, I know him and jbuck are busy elfing for Johnny Habs Jr, too -

I've actually seen the prototype right after it was tank tested at the secret facilty - it's gonna be a beaut - I've got just the rod for it too, the spot to use it in and a boat ride with piemma to try it out in the field - I got a feeling on that one after talking to EdB...well, we'll see in the Spring...:)

Hmm...I dunno, it's tough to keep up with these tackle magnates...they've always got something cooking...:hihi:

Pt.JudeJoe 02-17-2009 09:56 AM

Hey Chucky Coodeesh :wavey:, The new Hammer'n Groove jig is in production and as of today ,available at the SalTwater Edge.I will post a pic later in the big room. For thise who haven't heard, it's a 9oz and a 7 oz. hammered vertical jig with assist hook.It has "wobblehead groove technology" for added action and flutter on the drop . So farr it's taken multiple Black Fin tuna and a nice 103 lb Yellow Fin tuna in the Gulf. I am waiting for results from a cod fish trip later today and sea bass in NJ .I KNOW it's gonna take stripers this spring. You want an alternative method to YO-YO ING?? Here it is! More info and pics...

RIROCKHOUND 02-20-2009 12:25 PM

Major Schwing.
I'll be picking a few of the 9oz models for night trips to the canyons this summer... might have to add a second hook though...

look great!

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