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Green Light 11-25-2014 08:13 PM

Eskimo Propane vs Jiffy Propane Auger
Hi Guys,

I am debating between the Eskimo propane and the Jiffy propane augers.

They Eskimo is $100.00 less.

They both have 2 year warranties.

What think?

Green Light 11-26-2014 07:03 AM

Both companies have a good reputation, based on my research.

But, Jiffy has had their propane unit out longer and hence have had more time to work out any "issues". I am going with the Jiffy! ;-).

I'll keep you posted.

Guppy 11-26-2014 07:25 AM


Originally Posted by Green Light (Post 1057437)

I'll keep you posted.

Please do, good luck with it, waiting for ice 😄

Rockfish9 11-26-2014 08:08 AM

I have always been a huge Jiffy fan... I have repaired lots of both brands ( gas versions)... the propane models are heavy.. but despite the doom and gloom predicted ( and admittedly I was one of them).. there seems to be little problem with them ..even in extreme conditions.. the early models had regulator/hose issues, but I think all those problems have been cleared up.. I don't know a lot about the Eskimo....If I were buying a new model, I'd take a ride to a dealer ( Kittery might have them out by now) and "play" with them... see which brand fits you and your physicality... whichever brand you choose, I'm sure you will have it a long time..

Green Light 11-26-2014 08:54 PM

Thank you Joe!

Jiffy ordered. ;-).

Big Dave 12-03-2014 05:22 PM

My quick thougts for what ever there worth. I like like and own a Jiffy but its an older 3hp model. but its been a workhorse and I wont get rid of it. But If I were, I would look at the Eskimo, Why? I like the fact that the eskimo has a direct drive from the motor to the drill. and I also like that its built with ball bearings. its a rock soild machine.

What I dislike about the newer jiffy's is the new plastic transmition housings and I dont like the offsetting of the motor to the shaft and that torque supported by that plastic housing. Another thing i dont like is jiffy uses bronze bushings that can and do wear out with use in place of ball bearings on the main shaft.

But at the end of the day both are great machines and its not like they work very hard each season. As for the propane my cousion in maine has had issues with his, he said if he leaves the propane tank outside in the truck over night in extreme cold the gas wont flow. But once the propane warms up everything is fine. My old 2 stroke 2 pulls no matter the temp and less than a minute to warm and its ready to go. the down side to my machine is noise. its loud compared to newer models today.

Green Light 12-10-2014 08:50 PM

Thanks for the info Big Dave. I hear you, no machine is perfect.

I will keep the propane tank "warm" and inspect the bronze bushings before each season and at mid-season.

Tight lines!

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