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Green Light 01-02-2015 08:58 PM

Ice Fishing Tournament?
Is there an ice fishing tournament this year like in years past?

Guppy 01-03-2015 05:46 PM


Originally Posted by Green Light (Post 1060698)
Is there an ice fishing tournament this year like in years past?

Would be nice,,, I've got a new knee coming first of February. I'm out :-(

striperman36 01-03-2015 06:12 PM

The Bomba's have done it in the past.

Rappin Mikey 01-04-2015 11:48 AM

I found an awesome new place (for me) yesterday. I didn't stop running all day. Everything fro m Perch to big pike in this place. It would be a hell of a drive for some of you guys (It was in the Berkshires). I blew through 2 dozen huge shiners in a blink of an eye. I'm sore from so much running yesterday. But Ricky is thinking about doing something.

Green Light 01-04-2015 02:55 PM

Wicked awesome!


I would drive to the Berkshires. ;-)

RickBomba 01-06-2015 02:40 PM

I'm out. Going under the knife on Friday. I'll won't be able to lift more than say 15 pounds until March.

Look for next year. I may be going for a trip with a couple of friends in mid-February, but that's no tourney...just four of us.

RickBomba 01-13-2015 07:09 PM

I'm gonna cave and do a mini ice trip this year.

It's going to start at 7:00 AM at Hardy Pond in Waltham. Plenty of public parking and it's right down the hill from my house.

It will be family friendly, so everybody bring whomever you like.

I'll send a link when i get back to work next week.

In the meantime, you can google 20 Princeton Ave in Waltham. Plenty of shore access with a ramp. Hope to see some of you guys out there.


RickBomba 01-14-2015 09:11 AM

Nobody? John, can you make this sticky on the main page?

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