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JamesJet 02-20-2015 08:57 PM

hand crafted tip ups
Anyone out there use the high end locally made tip ups? Jack Trap is one brand, another is Indian Hill. Do they perform any better? I appreciate the craftsmanship and heritage factor, only wondering on performance.

niko 02-21-2015 08:04 AM

I picked up a set of indian hills before the winter. they r pretty sweet. performance wise - It's kinda like using a custom rod vs an cheapo Walmart rod, they both get the job done but eventually walmarts gonna fall apart. I plan on picking up another set if IHs

Sea Dangles 02-21-2015 07:30 PM

I like my heritage traps a lot. A local store carries them and they are obviously foolproof.
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buckman 02-22-2015 08:28 AM

I'm a huge fan of the heritage traps too.
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The Dad Fisherman 02-22-2015 08:30 AM

I have the Indian hills and think they are awesome. Never get wind flags, they have adjustable drag, and setup/breakdown is easy.
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JamesJet 02-22-2015 09:11 PM

Thanks guys, I have been thinking about it for a while, but they are not cheap. I have certainly seen the difference over the years in regular tackle between high end / custom and average stuff and always wondered about these. Haven't gotten out much this year on the ice but its was just a circumstance rather that lack of love for it. With a 6 year old and a 4 year old I think there are certainly plenty of fun days on the ice in my future.

Sea of Atlas 02-24-2015 08:22 AM

Heritage traps should not be expensive, they are sold unfinished in Maine for $15 to $20, I bought a set and stained them and they came out nice, they are lighter than Jack Traps but quality not as a good. Jacks are pretty nice and a lot of times in spring you can get them 50% at LL Bean. Nicest traps I have seen are Sebago Traps made local and the quality is second to none but they are expensive.
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Fiske27 12-18-2016 03:46 PM

I have Indian Hill Great Tilts.

Fiske27 12-18-2016 03:50 PM

Indian Hill has a great product,have a set of there tilts.wind flags,next to none.Good stuff.

niko 12-18-2016 09:04 PM

I don't think theyre making any traps this year

The Dad Fisherman 12-18-2016 09:38 PM


Originally Posted by niko (Post 1113836)
I don't think theyre making any traps this year

I heard that too....I was looking into getting a couple of Nor'easters...
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Rockfish9 12-19-2016 08:13 AM

jack traps are nice as well...

If your handy you can build your own... parts are available from most manufacturers...

I built my own years ago using the best of each feature from each manufacturer... I found the Jack trap trigger although pricey the best on the market... they trip with ease.. and I've used them with out fault to -14...

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