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Calling Jon The Fisherman
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SPECIAL EXCEPTIONS: "The Grampa Greg Claus"

I just got a call from Grampa Greg McNamara, the now famous angler (Top Hooker, Sunday nights at 10 p.m. Animal Planet) tried to use his new-found fame to bend the rules...

I'm kidding.

He's going to be away at a remote place for a period of 10 days and he won't have any way to download the TAG for the second half of the week. I'm going to send him next week's TAG by the end of this week and I will text him the RANDOM CHARACTERS so that he can write them in at the start of WEEK 5. I will gladly do this for anyone who is going to be away from a printer or internet access for the start of any Event Weekend. Just give me a few days notice, in case I don't have the TAG completed...

We'll keep tabs on Greg the same way we did with the few guys that went to Cutty last week, he will text in the inch totals once a day so I can keep the scores up to date and then we'll verify everything when the photos are sent in later.

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