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Luckily a lot of the old stuff in the barn survived and is with me.
I usually bring a portion of it (a couple hundred old plugs - mostly goo goos) and other memorabilia to plugfest each year if anyone would like to see them.

Thanks guys for the old stories. I like hearing about peoples adventures in the barn. I had a great time growing up there.

I have an interesting story, about 1987 I found case upon case of the old solid green and white atom poppers, swimmers and spook type plugs that came on the Atom display cards. I took them down stairs and sold most of them for about 3.00 each. I did hold on to a bunch since I thought they were cool, but would love to have cases of them now......

Another interesting find from the barn isn't fishing related but the floor in parts of the barn was "tiled" with old wooden road signs. I have a bunch that I pulled up and about a dozen that were extras which are in pristine shape. These are from rt 58, rt 123, rt 3 etc from the south shore. My grandfather must have made some deal with someone from the highway department.

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I'd give up some body parts now to have some of those new in the box Gibbs or creek chubs I saw on the shelves in that old barn.
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